Bee Cause: Five reasons you should keep bees

There's a lot of buzz about beekeeping these days. Keeping bees has become popular among many gardeners in the US. So why should you think about keeping your own colony?

  1. Help honeybee populations - Although beekeeping is on the rise, the number of bees in the world is on the downturn. There are many causes for honeybee decline from an increase of disease to overuse of pesticides. By starting your own hive, you're providing a safe place for bees in an environment you can monitor and maintain to help bee numbers rise.

  2. Education & Entertainment - If you have a dog or cat, he or she probably fills your heart with joy and provides you with quite a bit of entertainment. Bees, believe it or not, are quite the entertainers. Take a look at a hive and you'll find yourself absolutely captivated! Not only will you fine yourself entertained, but you'll also begin to educate yourself with the intricacies of the secret lives of bees.

  3. Health - Did you know that honey contains natural antibacterial properties? Many types of honey are also considered to be low-glycemic. This means that carbohydrates from the honey won't cause the spike in blood sugar like processed sugars.

  4. Wax - Beewax is a natural byproduct of bee hives. Once you've learned how to successfully work around your bees, you can collect the wax to create homemade gifts like candles and lip balm!

  5. Honey - This goes without saying, right?! Harvesting your own honey is obviously the sweetest reward of beekeeping. Want to learn more about bees and honey? Register for our FREE Buzzin' Around - Bee Keeping 101 class this Saturday!