Baby Shower DIY Decor

So your friend–a gardening gal like yourself–is expecting and you're planning the baby shower. You already know who you want to invite, what food you want to serve and what games you'll have on the slate, but you're not sure how to decorate the place. No need to search Pinterest for baby shower decor. Let the baby shower brainstorming end here! 

We recently hosted a shower for one of our gardner friends on a low-budget using items from the Garden Supply Company boutique and a few items from our own home. Want to give it a try? Here's what you'll need...

-Driftwood or clean branches from your yard (we also sell these if you don't have any that look nice enough for a tablescape)

-Air plants

-Old bottles or vases (take your pick!)

-Decorative moss

-Hot glue & hot glue gun

-Miniature plastic animals or dinosaurs (we bought ours at AC Moore)

-White spray paint (or if you prefer, pastel blue for a boy or light pink for a girl works too!)

Let's start with the little animal figures since they take the longest amount of time to dry. We bought a small pack of various creatures but feel free to let the creativity fly for your own DIY project. We carry tons of fairy garden figures and figurines in our shop and these would be fun to work with as well! Whatever figures you choose, line them up outdoors on a piece of old newspaper and coat them with spray paint. We love the clean white look but gold, silver or any pastel hues would look great too!

While your figures are drying, take a look around the backyard for clean-looking branches that would look nice (and sit up appropriately) on the tables you're planning on decorating. If you live in an apartment or don't have the time to play pick-up-sticks, feel free to drop by. We'll have something you can work with!

Once you have enough branches for each table you're planning on decorating, take them inside and heat up your hot glue gun. Play around with your succulents and moss prior to using the glue just to be sure you feel good about the placement. Once you've got an idea as to what succulent goes where, hot glue clumps of moss to your branch and then glue your air plant on top of the moss. Repeat this process on each branch.

Collect your painted animal figures once they've dried and take our your old glass bottles or vases that you've selected and arrange the figures and vases around the branches (as seen in the picture). Add water to the glasses and flower clippings from your garden for a final touch and wah-lah! Your DIY baby shower decor is complete!

Like the idea but don't have the time to create your own succulent branches? Visit our shop! We have plenty of pieces already created for you.