DIY Christmas: How to make an accent bow

Decorating your home is half the fun of the holiday season. While anyone can visit a store and purchase accent bows to adorn their house, sometimes it's just more fun to do it yourself. Interested in making your own accent bow? Here's how:

Accent Bow

  1. Cut four pieces of ribbon one and a half yards each. Choose to use the same color for all four or use four different types of ribbon that pair well together. Cut the ends at a slant or cut a V into the ends.

  2. If you are using different types of ribbon, start with your widest ribbon first. Take one end of the ribbon and bring your hand down about a foot or so. Scrunch the ribbon in-between the thumb and the pointer finger. Bring the shorter piece up behind it. Scrunch it and hold it with the other scrunched piece. This should create a loop big enough to put your fist through.

  3. Take your next piece of ribbon and be sure the tail is the same length as the tail of the first piece of ribbon. Create another loop with your second ribbon by scrunching and twisting so that the shorter end of the ribbon is facing you and your loop is about the same size as the first loop. The shorter tail of the ribbon should be the same height as the height of the loop. Repeat this step with the next two pieces of ribbon.

  4. Cut two pieces of wire about one foot long. Place them under your thumb. Allow for about three inches of wire on the left side. Loop the shorter side around the backside of the ribbon and twist the ribbon twice to secure your bow.

  5. Now you're ready to place your accent bow on a wreath or tree. Once you've appended the accent bow to a piece of greenery, open up the loops with your hands so that they are expansive. If you'd like, you can roll the ribbon up to give it a curly look on your tree.

Need a visual to get started? Take a look at our video below for a step-by-step guide with one of our lead designers–Zenda!

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