Treat yourself: Planting bulbs in the Fall for a colorful Spring

Don't trick yourself! Treat yourself with beautiful Spring color by planting the bulbs you want to see in full-bloom then, now. Here's how: 

  • If you want to jumpstart the Spring growth of your bulbs, plant them in the Fall season. It's important that bulbs are in the ground during the cold so that they can winter over and establish their root systems. You'll see fuller, brighter flowers in the Spring if you set aside time now to do some simple planting. In general, it's best to plant prior to the ground freezing. Late October or early November is suggested for North Carolina for most bulbs.

  • It's obvious to the advanced gardner, but if you're new to the gardening thing, be sure to place the bottom end down and the pointy end up. You'd be surprised how many bulbs are planted upside down!

  • Consider where you plant. Places that tend to stay damp are a no-no! Bulbs do best in areas with good drainage.

  • In most cases, a general rule of thumb is to plant your bulbs about three times the depth of the size of the bulb. But take time to check out the back of the bag or the tag that comes with your bulbs to be sure. Most packaging makes planting super simple if you just follow the directions on the label. Want to make it extra easy on yourself? Grab a bulb planter! It's a tool that actually has measurement marks on the side so that you'll know how deep to dig.

  • When you're at the store selecting your bulbs, be sure to pick up a bag of Bulb-tone and bone meal. These products are high in phosphate which will aid with growth. After you've selected a place to plant, sprinkle a handful of each product in the hole, place the bulb with the pointy end up, cover with dirt, sprinkle a little more bone meal on top and water. Watch our video below to see exactly how we do it at Garden Supply Co!