She's a beaut! All about Beautyberry

When Fall has set in, we tend to grab flats upon flats of pansies and violas as well as carts full of mums to provide pops of color in our gardens. But why not think out of the box? Fall gardens in North Carolina don't have to look drab or generic. 

There's a little something behind the name of one of our favorite Fall plants–Beautyberry–and it's quite obvious–she's a beaut!

Beautyberry (Callicarpa) is a fast-growing, deciduous shrub which grows between three and nine feet tall and can grow almost just as tall as it does wide. Each of it's branches hold uniquely-shaped, bright limey green leaves and carries clusters of bold purple (sometimes white or pink depending on the variety) berries that provide mounds of color to what otherwise may be a drab Fall garden. Because of it's bountiful berries, Beautyberry also attracts birds to the yard for our viewing pleasure. Come Spring, you'll enjoy small lavender-colored flowers adorning the shrub.

When planting, choose a place in the yard with well-drained soil and light shade. Dig a hole about the depth of the rootball and about twice the width. As with all trees and shrubs, we suggest amending the soil using soil conditioner, cow manure and Bio-tone to promote root growth when planting in the garden. 

With Summer at a distance and the cooler Fall breeze in the air, try one of the many varieties of Beautyberry we carry at Garden Supply. Remember the Fall is the best time of year to plant trees and shrubs!

*Pictured: Japanese Beautyberry