The perfect pansy: A recipe for planting success

Pansies are a staple for every Fall garden. Not sure how to plant pansies for maximum color and growth? Use this easy recipe for planting success to be sure you're using the proper soil, fertilizer and technique for your Fall pansy plot this year. Our short video below will walk you through this quick tutorial. Happy planting!

The Perfect Pansy


  • 1 flat pansies (36 plants)

  • 1 bag (1.5 cu ft) soil conditioner

  • 1 bag (40 lbs) cow manure

  • 1 bag (5 lbs) Plant-tone

  • 1 bag Fertilome Premium Bedding Plant Food


Place half of the soil conditioner and all of the cow manure and all of the Plant-tone in your garden plot. Dig it into the existing soil. Mix well. Rake smooth. Plant pansies four to six inches apart. Use the remaining conditioner as mulch around the plants and bed. Sprinkle two to three scoops of fertilizer at initial planting and every four weeks. Water your happy pansies immediately and weekly. Enjoy!

Plants a 4x4 foot flowerbed. 

Here's how we plant pansies at GSCO!