Love is in the air plants. They’re the perfect little gift to share with those you love. From your lover to your BFF, all of the loves in your life will thank you for this little piece of heaven we have on earth. They’re great for home decor, wedding and baby shower table-scapes and office spaces. So how do you care for these plant oddities that require no soil or pot? We’ll tell you…

Air Plant Care

Light. Air plants thrive off of indirect sunlight. Whether they receive natural light from a window or fluorescent lighting from an office window, just be sure yours isn’t taking in too much heated light. Too much bright light could cause your air plant to dry out.

Water. Just because these plants don’t require soil doesn’t mean that they don’t require water and food! That being said, air plants are very easy to care for so don’t let a little maintenance routine throw you for a loop! Watering is simple. Just do it once a week. You can use a spray bottle and simply mist each plant thoroughly. Signs of dehydration are wrinkled or dry, browning leaves. If you feel your air plants aren’t getting enough water, try giving them a bath. Place the plant in a container filled with water for about two hours and then place it back in your favorite place to display it.

Food. Fertilizing your air plants is great if you’d like to see yours bloom. (Yes! They can bloom!) It’s also not necessary for regular maintenance. So if you’re a lazy plant parent, feel free to skip this step completely. But if you’re in it to win it (by that, we mean you want to see yours bloom), try a water-soluble bromeliad fertilizer.

Do you have additional questions about air plant care? Or are you looking to find an air plant? Visit us at Garden Supply Company. We have a new shipment located in our house plants section!