Give the gift of color this Valentine’s Day with a cyclamen. We’ll help you keep yours in living color through the season here.

In general, cyclamen are easy-care plants. This is good for those of us who may not always be so good to our potted plants! Just follow these easy steps:

Make them feel at home. In the wild, cyclamen can be found in the woods with their root systems hidden and flowers peaking out towards the sunlight. Do your best to imitate this atmosphere by keeping your plant around room temperature. Find a place for your cyclamen near a window but not directly in front of it. Cooler, low-light environments could have your plant blooming through mid-spring! Warmer, brighter climates may just send your cyclamen into an early dormancy.

Don’t chance the cold. While cyclamen is beautiful outdoors in pots and within our landscapes, this particular plant doesn’t do so hot in the cold! So if you’re keeping your cyclamen outside, just be sure to bring them inside if the weatherman calls for temperatures lower than 50 degrees.

Water once a week. The easiest way to ensure you’re not drowning your cyclamen, is to place your pot in a tray of about an inch of water overnight just once a week. This allows the plant to rehydrate without moistening the soil at undesirable levels.

Keep it clean! Dead-head any dead or yellowing leaves.

If additional questions arise, feel free to swing by GSCO any time! We’ll be happy to help you raise a healthy cyclamen!