Do you enjoy bird watching from your kitchen window? Take these simple steps to attract more of your feathered friends to your backyard.

Step 1. Feed the birds. Place your bird feeder in a tree or close to brush so that birds feel protected from predators. In the winter, birds need foods that are high in fats and oils. Visit us or your local garden center to find winter bird food mixes that include high fat seeds and nuts like suet, sunflower seeds, peanuts or nyjer. Place the food in your bird feeder and keep an eye out to be sure there’s always plenty there for your flock.

Step 2. Splish splash. Birds can actually melt ice and snow in order to stay hydrated and clean. But if you can make their job easier, they’ll be fast on the track to your yard to take the easy way out. Try adding a heated bird bath to your yard or adding a heater attachment to your existing bird bath. If you prefer not to add any expenses to your birding routine, simply add fresh water to your bath each day around the same time. Be sure to keep your bird bath clean to prevent mold and bacteria growth.

Step 3. Give them shelter. No matter whether you live in an apartment with a small porch or in a neighborhood with a large backyard, there are many ways you can go about providing birds with shelter. Birds enjoy the protection that large evergreen trees and shrubs provide. Keep this in mind when you’re planning any landscape projects or even purchasing outdoor potted plants.

Want to learn more about attracting birds to your backyard? Join us Saturday, February 13 at 10am to learn how to attract and keep our feathered friends happy all year long, from planting bird-friendly plants to making sure they have the basics for a happy life in your yard. This class is FREE, but please call 919-460-7747 to register. This is a great family friendly class.