It’s cold outside and the last thing you want to do is dig around in the dirt. So why not dig around in that junk drawer, take out a pen, notebook and maybe a few lifestyle or gardening magazines? It’s time to start dreaming–dreaming about what that pretty little yard of yours could look like come spring!

The doldrums are here to stay for a while but spring will be here before we know it. If you’re thinking about a yard makeover, now is the best time to start collecting your ideas. Here are a few ways you can start:


Find inspiration. Take a look around! What really makes you ohhh and ahhh? Take note. Take photos (of your yard and the yards around you that you love!). Tear out pages from magazines. Set aside a folder–physical or digital–to set aside all of your landscape desires so that when you’re ready, you’ll have a place to start. Now is the time to dream-scape!


Develop a color-scheme. What is pleasing to your eye? Do you like a taste of the rainbow? Or do you prefer 50 shades of pink? Take a look in a seed catalog or a good old Southern Living and circle the plants that you like.


Think about dimension. Just like in our container gardens, it’s a good idea to think about layering. When we’re potting plants, we like to choose a thriller, spiller and filler. Otherwise, we’re looking for something tall and perhaps unique, a trailing plant that might spill from the sides (like ivy or creeping Jenny) and something that will fill up our pots with color. In this case, think a little bigger. Select a few trees and shrubs for height, trailing plants to act as ground cover and something bright. If you’re not sure what will actually do well in your space, clip those photos from magazines anyway! When you speak with one of our skilled landscape designers, they’ll be able to tell you what plants will grow well where you are and if what you chose doesn’t fit, we’ll be able to find alternatives in the same shapes and shades that will survive in your yard.


Thinking about bringing a pro in to start drafting plans or give you an estimate? Now is the best time to get going on your landscaping plans. Most people wait until spring to seek out a consultation which means you may have to wait. If you start now, you get to skip the line. Find out more about our landscaping services here or visit our store. Remember, the early bird gets the worm!