Plant parenthood isn’t always easy but you don’t have to suck at succulents. They’re supposed to be easy-care plants, you know? Easy come, easy go, you say? We’ve all killed a few house plants in our day but let’s earn our green thumbs with these easy tips to care for your succulents successfully.

Tip 1. Water carefully. Root rot is one of the quickest ways to kill your potted pets. Only water your succulents after the soil has dried completely.

Tip 2. When planting your succulent, you can use regular potting soil. Just remember that these soils are meant to hold moisture. So it’s not exactly the ideal environment for these dreamy dessert plants. They want to be dry. So let them be for a while after they’re planted.

Tip 3. Give these babies some light! Succulents don’t need direct sunlight, but they definitely do not do well in the dark corner of your living room.

Tip 4. Remember, these green guys are alive. That means they need food in order to survive. Pick up some succulent food and use every time you water your plants.

Tip 5. Like all living things, succulents are small when they’re young. Usually, when we purchase succulents, they’re so cute and tiny! We love them that way. But remember that most plants will eventually need to be repotted after a year or so in order to lead healthy, long lives.

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