Gifts for gardeners aren't always easy to come by but we've got six stocking stuffers that are sure to suit your down-to-earth family and friends. Here are our top six stuffer ideas for the holiday gift-giving season: 


Local Honey
It’s a bear to find local honey these days if you aren’t sure where to look for it. But look no more! Did you know Garden Supply Company has over 50 bee hives and that we harvest our own honey? Well, it’s true. Look for our Local Honey sign up front and our cute, little bear jars full of nature’s finest sweet stuff.


Sock It To Me Socks
Baby, it’s cold outside and chances are the socks that gardener friend of yours have aren’t quite warm enough, long enough or this quirky and cute! We love this cherry blossom look but we have many, many more fun Sock it to Me designs to choose from in our store.



Beautiful Bulbs
Sure, oranges, apples and nuts are tradition. But why not stuff your stockings with a gift that will keep giving? We carry a wide assortment of bulbs that are perfect for planting indoors or outdoors. Be sure to set your eyes on our gigantic amaryllis bulbs! Bigger bulbs mean bigger blooms.



Seeds of Happiness
You can’t buy happiness but you can plant it one seed at a time with a sweet, little smile made of clay. Seeds of Happiness are simple really, but it’s the thought that counts with these. The founder, Mark Borella, started the company with leftover lumps of clay he had lying around. He carved great big smiles on small pieces of clay about the size of a thumb and gave them as gifts to his friends. These little do-dads now serve as reminders of happiness for kids and adults all over the world. Place them in potted house plants or office desks or in front of the mirror you use to get ready in the morning and remember to smile!


SallyeAnder Soaps
Gardners have a way of getting dirty. After digging around in the dirt all day, they need a soap made just for them. SallyAnder claims they make the best soap in America and we believe this statement to be true. Their soaps are so pure you could actually eat them–although we don’t suggest it! Fine essential oils keep these soaps (and your gardener) smelling amazing without the use of parabens, alcohols, sodium laurel sulfates, artificial dyes, synthetic chemicals or foaming agents. We carry a large variety of scents (including a few blended for the holidays) but we really love The Gardener’s Hand which they claim is “the perfect soap for hardworking hands.”


Funky Fresh Freakers
They’re made in freaking America, says the label. And they’ve been on the Shark Tank. Still not sure what a Freaker is? Freakers are glorified knit koozies that fit every cold beverage your gardener’s heart might desire. Water? Pepsi? Gallon of milk? Yes, Freakers will fit all three! They keep your hands warm and dry while keeping your friends and you looking super fly. Choose one for your favorite team or a design just for fun. Try one. It’s sure to be a game changer.