All we can think of are pansies and mums. It’s that time of year, right? Well, yes. But don’t forget to think ahead!

Although we just entered fall, now is the time to think spring. The best time to plant bulbs to bloom for the spring is between October and November–right now! So while you’re repotting your container gardens with those pansies, mums and evergreens, be sure to grab a handful of your favorite bulbs while you’re at it. This way, by the time spring rolls around you’ll be in for a hands-free continuous and colorful blooming treat.

One of Garden Supply Company’s favorite ways to plant bulbs for container gardens can be found in a recipe we like to call Bulb Lasagne–otherwise known as bulb layering. Using this technique, you’ll maximize the space in your planters using the depth of the pots to carefully place bulbs at different heights according to which bulbs will bloom first to last. By layering your bulbs, you’ll also maximize the color and number of blooms you’ll see come spring. Give it a whirl!


Potting soil
Food for bulbs
Bulbs––Choose one of your favorites from each layer below!

Top Layer
Grape Hyacinth

Middle Layer


Be sure your pot has a hole for drainage. Fill the bottom of your container with potting soil and bulb food. Leave about six inches of space from the top. Plant the bottom layer (largest bulbs) about one inch apart. Add about two more inches of soil and food. Then place your medium-sized bulbs in the potting mix about one inch apart. Add another layer of soil and food. Plant your final layer of smaller bulbs. Add more soil and bulb food.
Now it’s time to plant for those pansies and mums! Plant your fall foliage on top of your bulb lasagne so you’ll have something for now and something for later.

In need of bulbs, pots, potting soil or further assistance? Join our special guest Suzanne Edney on Fri, October 16, 9:30am – 10:30am for Coffee and Gardening. This week we’ll be talking about bulbs!