Spring isn’t the only time to get your hands in the dirt. Believe it or not, fall is the best time of year to plant trees and shrubs in North Carolina. So if you’re thinking of adding on to your landscape, now is the time to pick your plants and get out the shovel.

During the spring and summer, trees and shrubs are expending most of their energy reproducing by creating buds and fruit. Come fall, these plants can concentrate on establishing their foundation–their roots. So you’ll likely see more success by planting in these cooler autumn temperatures when trees are going through a dormant season above ground. With a well-established and larger root system, your plants will thrive in the spring and summer maximizing your foliage. They’ll also be stronger and less susceptible to diseases and other stressors.

Here are a few classic staples we carry at Garden Supply Company:


Encore Azaleas are a genetically modified variety of the traditional shrubs that bloom in the spring, summer and fall. Full sun to partial shade.


Dwarf Curly Leaf Ligustrum is a dark evergreen shrub with unique leaves that work beautifully when cut for flower arrangements. Partial to full sun.


Podocarpus creates an ideal hedge when planted around the border of a property. Partial to full sun.


Fatsia is the perfect way to bring a tropical look to a partially shaded landscape. Partial shade to partial sun.


Japanese Maples are beautiful accents to any landscape with foliage that brightens in early fall. Light requirements vary.

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