Seaside Chic is Here to Stay

This is not the first year that the "Nautical" theme has been popular, and it will not be the last. What makes this trend unique this year is the colors. Pantone Color Institute, a leading forecaster in the design industry, has debuted its Spring 2015 colors. Two of these colors are abundant in this seaside inspired theme. Lucite Green and Aquamarine add a perfect pop of color among traditional nautical neutrals like grey and beige. These colors have a calming effect so they are perfect for a relaxation space. Pairing these trendy colors with neutrals creates balance. We chose to use light, sandy beige and soft greys. These colors remind us of seashells and sand, two things you can't go without in a seaside theme.

gsco525 gsco526

Texture is an important element of this theme. Balance out the rough textures of rope with the smooth textures of sea glass. Use artificial (or real) botanical pieces to bring in leafy texture. In our theme, we used rope on our candle holders and jars, but it can be used in other ways too. Weave rope into a wreath to tie it into the theme, or pin it to the edges of a table or frame. Glass, both clear and colored, brings soft shine into the theme and can be reminiscent of portholes on a ship. Wreaths and other botanical pieces add a living element to this theme. After all, the ocean is full of life.

  gsco523 gsco524

Rattan, burlap, and cork are other fun textures that you can bring into your theme because they are rough, but light enough that you will not feel weighed down. Balance and proportion are a fun way to add interest to your nautical theme. Use one or two large focal pieces to draw in the eye of your audience, then use smaller pieces of varying size to move their eyes along your space. Using odd numbers is always pleasing to the eye so add things is sets of three or five. We use this rule when adding artificial botanical stems.

gsco520 gsco521 gsco519

Look around your home and see what things you already have that fit this theme, then work from there. You may be surprised what can fit into this theme. And as always, we hope you think of us next time you need that special decor or plant item for your home.

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