Dress up your Houseplants!

Colorful mushrooms for pots cover photo

Adding decorations and character to your houseplants pots can be fun and rewarding. We have a number of items that can be used to give your pots a unique look, check out some of the options we have: Moss: using moss in potted plants can give them a natural look. You can use moss across the top of plants to add a bit more interest than just the soil or mulch can provide. Using moss to decorate houseplants doesn’t have to mean simply laying it on the soil; there are also moss shapes available to draw attention.

Assorted moss products


Moss forms

Decorations: we have a variety of fun items to be used in pots, such as these colorful glass mushrooms. This type of item can add color and a feel of whimsy to any plant. We have other items as well, such as signs and other types of decorative objects.

Colorful mushrooms for pots


Birds nests

Pots: don’t pass up the chance to make a statement with your houseplant’s pot. The container offers an opportunity to really dress up your plant. Make sure to choose a pot that you get as much enjoyment out of as the plant itself!

Pots with cutouts

Animal pots

Blue pots

Ecoforms colorful pots

Glazed pots

With all these options and more, come see us and unleash your creativity to give your houseplants a distinctive and extraordinary look!