Burlap Goes Ballroom: A Christmas Trend


One of the most popular Christmas trends this season is Burlap. We are loving this trend because it adds a rustic touch without looking messy. Burlap can be interpreted in many different  ways. In our tree we chose to add burlap ornaments, props, and picks. This theme goes great with soft browns, ruby reds, and piney accents.


We brought in different brown tones to the tree to complement the burlap pieces. From there we added ruby red accents for a pop of color. To keep the tree from looking too rustic, we added some soft gold,silver, and cream ornaments and props.


Bows are a great way to tie in the colors of your theme. They make great filler and add shape to the tree. We chose a glittered burlap, a brown plaid, and a bright red ribbon to compliment the pines, floral, and ornaments in the tree.


Props are large pieces that we wire or zip-tie into the tree. You would be surprised what items you already have lying around your home, that would look great in your tree. For this burlap tree we added birdcages to keep with the natural look of the theme. Props should be built in around picks and sprays. We also place bows near our props, especially when we use neutral colored props.


This beautiful tree is only one of the masterpieces at the store this year. We welcome you to come by and see all of the wonderful themes. We would also love to help you create your own custom look. We can help you make bows, pick out ornaments, and much more.