Cool Season Herbs and Veggies are Here!


As the season changes, so should your garden. There are many vegetables and herbs that do well as the temperature drops. Keep your garden going year-round with hardy plants that can take cooler temperatures. We have a variety of plants to choose from so come by to see what has arrived. Here are a few of the herbs and vegetables we have in stock and why they make such great cool season plants for your garden.

Fast growing leafy salad crops like Butter crunch lettuce will keep your garden looking green. This type of lettuce is nutritional and has a rosette shape. It needs full sun to grow so give it plenty of light. Butter crunch does best in a moist soil and will last up until the first hard frost.


Beets make a great cool season crop as well. They grow quickly and can survive the frost. Beets are full of vitamins and studies are being done to prove whether or not they can help lower blood pressure. Beet greens (the leafy part) are also edible and full of nutrients.


Rosemary is a hardy herb that can handle cooler temperatures, but it is a good idea to bring it in once there is potential for frost. This flavorful herb is often used in rubs for lamb, pork, and turkey. It is also used in oil based dressings and marinades. Consider using Rosemary next time you decorate a wreath or make potpourri as well.


Spinach tolerates cool weather very well and should be planted about 6-8 weeks before the first frost in nitrogen-rich soil. It grows quickly and is very healthy. Spinach is rich in vitamins and minerals. Toss it in fresh with a salad or cook it into your next stir-fry.


Sage is a beautiful herb that does well in the south once the humidity level lowers. It is often used in stuffing, but sage also goes well on pork, poultry, and vegetables.


Thyme is an aromatic herb often used in cooking. It grows best in soil with a high pH. Add a little Thyme to your next slow-cooker meal or mix it into butter or mayonnaise to add flavor. It even tastes delicious in tea.


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