Chalkboard Love


One of the latest home decor trends is the chalkboard. They are no longer just for schoolrooms, but they do evoke the nostalgia that many people associate with their days in class. Since they are associated with nostalgia, chalkboards add a vintage or retro touch to a space.

Chalkboards can be both functional and decorative so many people have adopted them. Their functional aspects are practically endless since you can so easily change the message. At the same time, chalkboards can be decorative because they come in so many different shapes, sizes, and designs.

Chalkboards are great for kitchens because you can write down groceries and to-do lists. They also look great in entry ways because you can write welcoming messages to your guests on them. Here are a couple of examples available here at Garden Supply Co.

gsco53 gsco52

Some chalkboards are even magnetic, making them great for refrigerators. This can add interest to an otherwise uninspiring surface.


With the rise in popularity of chalkboards, people have begun to take the idea to a more permanent level. Many people love the look of chalkboards, but want more elaborate designs than are possible with regular chalk. Chalk tends to smudge easily so “chalk-inspired” wall-art is a great alternative. You can still get the look of a chalkboard while achieving a more intricate design that is permanent. Here are some “chalk-inspired” options from Primitives by Kathy. These sweet and silly sayings add a decorative touch that one cannot achieve with a regular chalkboard.

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Chalkboards are a trend that is still on the rise. They will continue to permeate the market because they allow for creativity and add a personal touch to any space. Keep chalkboards in mind next time you are looking for home decor. There are a variety of possibilities available and the stock is always changing.