Fresh from the Farm, Flower Power Perennials


Fresh from the farm are an overflow of power house perennials. 20140516_175718                                                                                                                                                            

Fresh from the farm are an overflow of power house perennials. Yarrow, Agastache, Catmint, Guara and Catmint are all heat tolerant and sun loving, deer resistant with blooms from late spring through fall.  These varieties are just a sampling of our diverse selections.    To help sweeten the deal, we offer a quanity discount on our perennials: buy 5 for 5% off, 10 for 10%, 15 for 15% and 20 for 20%, so come onin while inventory diversity is larger than ever!


yarrow pink grapefruit


Yarrow color                                                                                                       Yarrow 'Pink Grapefruit'

Grandmother was a gifted gardener and her out door space was full of Yarrow outlining the peremiter of the vegetable beds around  her prized Tea Roses and sprinkled throughout.  This was not because it was her favorite cutflower, but because it is a work horse of a companion plant.  Naturally it repels some insects and attracts many of the ones you desire like Butterflies and Lady bugs, which love to snack on pesky Aphids and other predatory insects.   Placing dried yarrow under door mats is another trick to keep the bugs at bay.  We have several different varieties including 'Pink Grapefruit,' 'Strawberry Seduction'  and 'Pastel Series.'

agastache orange nectar    agastache blue fortune     agastache grapefruit nectar

Agastache 'Apricot Nectar'

Agastache 'Blue Fortune'

Agastache "Grapefruit Nectar'

We at Garden Supply Co. have gone bonkeroos for Agastache and have a bumper crop. In stock are both the Giant Hyssop and Threadleaf varieties.  Agastaches range form 5 feet tall down to 15 inches with the newer compact varieties in the nectar series.  With delicious names like 'Apricot Nectar,' and  'Grape Nectar,' this new series are shorter and support the bounty of tubular  blooms that provide a long feast for the wildlife.  These long showy flowers were still going strong well into the heat of late summer even in their small containers here at the shop last year.   The blue, fringy foilage of some varieties  provides contrast to large leafy perrenials in a mixed bed.

guara pink  white guara  crimson butterflies guara"S

Gaura 'Siskiyou Pink"

Guara 'Whirling Butterflies'

Guara "Crimson Crimson Pink'

Guara, commonly called whirling butterflies really does resemble it's name sake.  This native wisps in the wind and has evolved to have natural defenses against our neighborhood deer.   Colors range from pink to white with some varieties having crimson foliage.

cat mint curb appeal           nepeta little titch

Nepeta 'Walker's Low'

Nepeta 'Little Titch'

Talk about curb appeal!  Nepeta better know as cat mint ranges in size from 8 inches to 2 feet and really does flower in our southern heat from spring to fall.  Check out the bed planted on the inside of our left entrance next time you are at the shop.  Looks great with red knock out roses.


. salvia suncrest golden girl    salvia lyrata purple knock out  salvia ultraviolet

Salvia 'Suncrest Golden Girl'

Salvia lyrata 'Purple Knock Out'

Salvia 'Ultra Violet'

Salvias range in color from a true blue, pink, red, white, yellow, purple and everything in between.  There are so many great ones my next post may be just about Salvias alone.  Hope to see you soon to show you first-hand some of these long lasting, color perennials that are both deer resistant and heat tested.   Remember our quantity perennial sale is ongoing, so come take advantage of this fresh from the farm bumper crop of perennial flower power.