The Time to Fertilize is Now!

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FEED ME!!! This is what all of your plants are screaming right now! If you are not on a regular fertilizing schedule, now is an opportune time to start. As we approach the warm weather plants are begging for food because they are about to take off.

WHAT IS N-P-K you say... ?

  • Nitrogen, or Nitrates, are essential components necessary to produce the protein in plants. As a result, plants grown with nitrogen added to the soil are stronger, healthier and bigger.
  • Phosphorus functions as one of the major players in the process of photosynthesis, nutrient transport, and energy transfer. It supports robust and brightly colored blooms.
  • Potassium in most fertilizers is water soluble otherwise can't be absorbed by the plant roots. Potassium controls the plant cells that use water. Without enough potassium, the cells don't efficiently use water and the plant is unhealthy. It then becomes vulnerable to disease and heat stress. Potassium also aids the enzymes promoting plant life. Without potassium, the plant cannot cycle the nutrients to feed roots, leaves and fruits.

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