Importance of Feeding the Birds in Winter


icy bird    Did you know seeking food is the main activity in the life of wild birds? It is especially important to provide an available source of food for birds in the harsh winter months when conditions are more extreme and natural food sources like autumn fruits and flying insects are scarce. Knowing the food we supply our feathered friends may be the only source of nutrition for the wild birds in our area is a fact that will keep us pushing our customers to take part in regular winter feedings.

     Choose food varieties such as suet, peanuts, and sunflower seeds. Filling your feeders with high fat content bird food can help the wild birds conserve energy when they need it most. Storing foods high in fat is essential for the birds when ice storms can coat natural food sources like seeds and berries - hindering the birds from eating them.

     We have a great selection of wild bird seed to attract all the species that are indigenous to our area. With our newly expanded birding section, you will also find feeders and housed  to fit any taste.  So cozy up next to your fireplace in the warmth of the indoors and watch the outdoor canvas as your generous food supply attracts wild birds of many species, color, and size. Take even greater joy remembering  what an important part of the birds daily life you are contributing to. 

"A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush."


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