Wave® Petunias Offer Non-Stop Summer Color

Wave Petunias- Garden Supply Co

For non-stop powerhouse color all summer long, try Wave® Petunias, the most popular, award-winning series of Petunias ever grown. These spreading, trailing plants bloom like crazy and grow incredibly fast, and they are simply choked with flowers all summer and into fall. Wave Petunias also have the added benefit of being extremely low-maintenance. Unlike old-fashioned petunias, it's not necessary to pinch back or deadhead Wave varieties - they can take care of themselves.  And better yet, they can withstand extremes of heat and cold, rain and humidity, making them ideal for our tough Piedmont area growing conditions. Wave Petunias are available in lots of beautiful colors and their easy growing habits make them a perfect candidate for beds, borders, and container gardens alike.

Just give Wave® Petunias a good feeding of an all-purpose plant food every few weeks, water and watch them grow!