DIY Terrariums and Mini Gardens

Cary, NC If you missed out on our winter workshop series earlier this year, not to worry. You can still come in anytime and create a fabulous terrarium or mini garden at our new Do-It-Yourself workstation in the Greenhouse. We've got all the supplies and help needed to get you started today.

Terrariums and mini gardens are a fun and unique way to incorporate some fresh, living greens into your home. Like all houseplants, terrariums and mini gardens add a decorative element to your home decor, while also contributing a zen feeling of relaxation to any environment. They also provide many health benefits by purifying the air and removing pollutants from your home, like VOCs, cigarette smoke, allergens, and carbon dioxide. Plus, it's believed that houseplants actually reduce stress. And for those of you with young children or pets, terrariums and mini gardens may be a worry-free way to add greenery to your  home.

The first step is choosing your container. It can be open or closed, large or small, the choice is up to you. You are welcome to bring your own container from home, or chose from our fabulous selection.

Next, head to our workstation. For $10, we provide all the soil, stones, and moss you will need to create your project. Our friendly staff is on hand to get you started.

Then shop from our selection of hundreds of beautiful plants to fill your container.

Finally, and perhaps the most fun of all, add decorative accessories and finishing touches.We have a ton to choose from!

We're here seven days a week to help with all your gardening needs. Hope to see you soon at Garden Supply Co!