New Beginnings

Of all the seasons, spring is definitely the time for new beginnings.  At Garden Supply Co. we are thrilled to be celebrating not one, but two exciting new beginnings this season. Our family is growing, and we couldn't be happier! Please help us welcome Baby Lilly.

Lilliana Elyse, is the daughter of Landscape Designer Matthew Noel and his wife. We wish Lilly and family much joy, love, and happiness on this special occasion, and throughout the years!

Also, if you haven't heard another addition to our Garden Supply family is a sister company that has been birthed this spring: Leapfrog Landcare.

For years we've felt there was a better way to the spray-first mentality needed or not in the landscape with chemical based fertilizers & weed controls. We were unsatisfied with the options offered to our customers by large corporate lawn companies and the lack of personal service & knowledge afforded. This is why, through Leapfrog Landcare, we felt it was possible to offer a level of service rooted in the community and driven by human connection that promotes a more holistic approach to the overall health of the landscape. By introducing microbes and beneficial bacteria through organic based fertilizers and compost tea applications, it's possible to achieve better results through working with nature than relying wholly on chemical based products. Questions about what is compost tea? Here is a video from Harvard University after which we've modeled our approach:

Harvard Compost Tea

Call it a holistic way to approach not just your landscape's health, but that of your community and we're committed to creating healthy communities by promoting integrative principles-remember it's not just a landscape, it's a lifestyle!

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