Newsletter vs. Journal- Get Garden Supply Co. News

So you'd like to keep up to date with all the latest happenings at Garden Supply Co. but are feeling a bit confused as to which subscribe option to choose from on the website? Should you subscribe to the Newsletter? Or subscribe by email to the Journal? Or perhaps both? Let us help you decide. Newsletter-

For those of you familiar with Deb's traditional newsletter via email that many of you have been receiving for years, this may be the option for you. Subscribing to the Newsletter will allow you to receive periodic emails from Deb regarding sales, special events, and happenings at Garden Supply Co. Each Newsletter contains the highlight of events at the garden center, including special discounts and coupons.

Please note that if you were already on our email list from before we switched the website over last summer, there is no need to sign up again.


For those interested in more detailed information from us, the Journal might be the option for you. The Journal functions like a traditional blog and contains news features and articles on things like new plant arrivals, gardening tips, plant care, planting guides, as well as events at Garden Supply Co.

Take a peek at our Journal to see what it's all about.

And then sign up for either option, or both, on the right-hand sidebar of our website.