Winter Gardening- Terrariums

Winters are often cold and long here in North Carolina. With chill temperatures outside, many of us are snuggling up indoors with gardening plans and books to keep us company, while we dream about the spring flowers and lush gardens we hope to see again soon. Spring feels like a million years away. But there is a way to bring the outdoors in, even in the harshest winter weather. You can have an instant garden, bursting with fresh greenery and flowers, by starting a terrarium in your home today.

Terrariums are a lot of fun to put together and are very easy to do.   Anybody can do it. And the best part? There are really no rules. Just pick out a container, some plants and accessories, and you are ready to go. Now that's my kind of project!

Terrarium gardening was first discovered in the 1830 by a scientist who accidentally discovered he could keep plants alive indefinitely enclosed in glass containers. Since then, terrariums have ebbed and flowed in popularity over the years, reaching a peek in the 1960's and 70's, mainly as home science projects. Today, terrarium gardening remains as popular as ever.

So, what exactly is a terrarium?

A terrarium is any closed environment containing plant life, where the condensation of water creates a completely self-watering system. You can create miniature versions from canning jars or old fish bowls, or larger ones using apothecary jars, cloches, or specially designed glass and wrought iron pieces. We have many beautiful terrariums to choose from in the Greenhouse.

Once you've selected your container, the fun begins. You can add soil and plants directly into your container, or you may choose to keep plants in pots. Either way works just fine. Remember, there really are no rules. After you've added the plants, dress your terrarium up with accessories.

Small statuary and rocks work well. Miniature garden furniture, fences, arbors, tools, and animals are fun whimsical additions. There are so many accessories available on the market today, made especially for terrarium gardening. You'll love our selection of new goodies in the Greenhouse.

You want an instant cure for the winter blah's? Try a terrarium garden. It's a little bit of fun and a whole lot of spring, all rolled into one.

Cary, NC