Christmas Cash

It's that time of year again. Time to start earning Christmas Cash at Garden Supply Company. From now through December 19th, receive a 5% rebate on all your garden center purchases in holiday Christmas Cash. Then spend your Cash like money the week before Christmas on any purchase, including sale items.

With all the gorgeous plants and holiday items we have this month, it's easy to earn Christmas Cash. One great way to earn a few bucks is to stock up on any last bedding and container plantings you might want for the winter, including our fabulous selection of hardy pansies.

With all the bright and welcoming colors available , you will create a bold impact in your curb appeal with a bed or border of pansies in your home landscape. Pansies withstand our cold winter weather and even keep blooming through frost and light snow. Perfect for our North Carolina climate.

We've just received a new shipment of pansies in both flats and 4" pots, offering you the freshest and best selection of plants for this last window of planting opportunity. We recommend wrapping up your lawn re-seeding and planting projects within the next two weeks for the best results. After that, it may be too late for your new seedlings and plants to establish strong root systems before the temperatures drop.

For any winter lawn care or plant questions, stop by the garden center and ask one of our knowledgeable staff. We're here 7 days a week with friendly help and suggestions. And don't forget to start earning your 5% Christmas Cash!