Pansies Are In

Cary, NC Pansies have arrived at Garden Supply Company, and we have a huge selection of beautiful plants to chose from. Best known as one of the most popular cool weather annuals, these lightly scented flowers are available in a huge range of colors. Many have unique markings as well. The dark centers in some flowers are thought to resemble little faces. Equally lovely grown in pots or as mass plantings, pansies have never gone out of fashion. And although delicate, they are surprisingly hardy and will bloom throughout the upcoming winter months and well into spring next year.

As compact, low growers, pansies are ideal for edging  in beds. Their bright and showy faces add a burst of much-appreciated color in the landscape, boosting curb-appeal throughout the cooler months ahead when nothing else is blooming.

We have a huge selection of colors and sizes, from the most popular tried and true choices to new varieties on the market this year. If you're looking for suggestions on where to start, check out these tips from our helpful experts.

For planting beds, Garden Supply co-owner, Deborah recommends Blue-ti-ful Blue pansy in combo with Creeping Jenny.

Deb's favorite choice for container plantings is Dynamite Wine Flash. The wine-colored blooms look lovely mixed with earth-tones, yet work equally well in many colored containers, as well.

Co-owner Keith loves the combination of yellow blotch and pure yellow pansies in contrast with ornamental peppers for a high-impact punch.

No matter what your favorite color choice is, we have the perfect pansy for you. Come ask us for suggestions for creating the right combination for your landscape, or let one of our staff members pot up a beautiful container for you.

Thanks for stopping by! We'll see you back here soon for more snippets from the garden.