Honey Bee Nucleus Colonies (5 frame nuc)


Honey Bee Nucleus Colonies (5 frame nuc)


What is included: 

-(1) waxed cardboard transport box

-(5) drawn, deep brood frames with bees

- a laying Aurea (Italian) hybrid queen, accepted by the hive and actively laying

-3 inner frames containing brood in all stages

-2 outer frames containing honey and pollen, and adhearing bees


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Additional Info

-Orders must be paid in full at the time of ordering.  

-All sales are final.  

-Nucs are expected to be available sometime between early March and middle of April.

-5 frame honey bee nuc colonies will be packaged in a ventilated waxed cardboard transport nuc box.

-These orders are for store pick-up only (those with paid orders will receive further pick up information in early March)

-Nucs were mite treated in fall of 2017 and raised on orange blossom

- No frame exchanges will occur and no installation into customer hives (all nucs will be sold in the cardboard transport boxes)

Questions: Email Jason (the bee guy) at bees@gardensupplyco.com or call 919-815-7806