Keeping honeybees can be one of the most rewarding learning experiences one can have. Working with nature and another living creature or in the bees case, a “super organism” creates a connection to the ecosystem. While the bees are working hard, our beekeepers are also diligently working to monitor our colonies so we can produce the highest quality of bees and equipment. Some frequently asked questions are…

What kind of bees do you have and are they local? Generally speaking most of our colonies are Italian hybrids but also have Russian and Buckfast colonies. When possible we try to raise as much of our own stock as we can. However, due to demand, not all of the bees we sell are locally sourced. Quality is most important and we only source from state inspected, reputable dealers.

Do you ship bees? Currently, we only ship Queens. (Call for pricing and availability 919-460-7747}

Do you treat your bees for mites? We constantly monitor the health of our colonies and use integrated pest management solutions including chemical methods.

Are your bees guaranteed? We do guarantee all of our bee colonies to be healthy at the time you pick them up. Honeybees are an agricultural product and can not be guarantee them once they have left our store.
**When picking up your bees: Install your package or nuc as soon as possible to ensure their highest chance of survival. Keep queen bees out of direct sunlight, she is fragile. If your colony can not be installed immediately, be sure to keep them out of the hot sun and provide adequate air flow to help keep them cool. Bees can easily overheat when confined. Lightly misting them down with water or providing a water source will aid in cooling.