Summer Annuals

Hello everyone and happy Saturday!  It’s another beautiful day here in the heart of Carolina, perfect for a bit of spring planting.  And as usual at this time of year, do we ever have some gorgeous plants for you.  Another shipment of summer tropicals is due to arrive at the garden center today.  The perennial area is bursting with plants, the azaleas are in full bloom, the shade area is full, and the shrubs and trees are looking better than ever.  In short, wherever your eye might happen to stray down at Garden Supply, you are sure to be struck by the beauty of the sight.

If you are looking for a burst of color for your container garden or front yard, you need to come check out our annual section.  We have, literally, table after table of summer bloomers right now.    Here is just a small sampling of what we have in stock.

We currently have 6 varieties of marigolds, available in individual packs, or mix & match flats. Isn’t it wonderful to have options?

Marigold choices include Durango Tangerine, Janie Bright Yellow, Durango Yellow, Taishan Yellow, Bonanza Bee, and Janie Tangerine.

And if that seems like a lot of Marigold varieties, wait until you see our Petunia selection.  We have every color of Petunia under the sun, including mixed packs, the ever popular Wave Petunias, and even hanging baskets.

Some of our Petunia choices include Dreams Mix, Dreams Red, Prism Sunshine, Dreams Sky Blue, Dreams Neon Rose, Dreams Pink, Dreams White, Dreams Burgundy Picolee, Wave Rosy Dawn, Wave Purple, Wave Red, Wave Burgundy Star, Wave White, and Wave Blue.

Wouldn’t these hanging Petunia baskets look fabulous on your porch?

Or how about some pots filled with Calibrachoas?

Calibrachoa are available in multiple colors and provide an abundance of brightly colored blooms all season long.  They are easy to grow and very rewarding, perfect for all kinds of containers including window boxes, hanging baskets, and combination planters.

Another profuse bloomer is this Giant White (suteracordata) Bacopa.

Hundreds of beautiful flowers cover these trailing plants all summer, even when other varieties of Bacopa stop blooming.  They offer large unique white flowers which contrast nicely with their dark green foliage.  Another perfect choice for your container planters.

And for a bit of a vertical attraction, why not give the Black-eyed Susan Vine a try?

This ‘Susie Clear Orange’ vine looks fabulous trained to fences, posts, lattice work and trellises.

This truly is just a small sampling of the array of annuals we currently have down at the garden center.  Whether you’re looking for a profusion of bright blooms or interesting foliar color and texture, we’ve got you covered.  And as always, our helpful staff of experts are on hand to answer all your gardening question.  We would love to help!

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I’ll see you back here soon for more snippets from the garden.

And the Winner is….

Congratulations to Barb Drummond, the winner of our first Facebook page contest!  Barb has won 2 free tickets to this weekend’s Chapel Hill Spring Garden Tour.

Barb, call the garden center at 460-7747 or stop by to pick up your tickets, and mostly…….enjoy every minute of your tour!

A huge thanks to everyone else who played along with us.  Keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook page for upcoming contests and giveaways.

Have a great day everyone!

Tomato Lovers

Tomato lovers, have we got plants for you!  With the huge variety of tomatoes we have down at Garden Supply, from teeny-tiny cherries to grandiose Beefsteaks and everything in between, there is sure to be something for every gardener and culinary taste out there.  We have all your popular favorites, as well as harder to find heirlooms, in a large range of sizes, shapes, and colors.

Amish Paste, Moonglow, Beefsteak, Hungarian Heart, Kelloggs Breakfast, Cherokee, Pineapple Hawaiian, Mexico Midget, Celebrity, Lemon Boy, ‘Juliet Hybrid’, Better Boy, Roma, Patio, German Johnson, Grape, and Sweet 100s..we’ve got them all down at the garden center.

We also have everything you’ll need to grow bigger, more abundant tomato plants from potting soils, soil amender, compost and mulch to slow release tomato fertilizer to several problem-solving planting containers for those with little or no yard space.

The Bosmere Tomato Planter Bag is ideal for decks, patios, and balconies.  No need for a garden.  No digging required!  The planter can hold 1 or 2 plants, depending on type and variety of tomato chosen.

Another unique planting option is the Topsy Turvy Upside Down Tomato Planter, which allows you to grow delicious vegetables right outside your door.  The planter hangs on decks, balconies or patios and eliminates the need for weeding, caging and staking.  With the Topsy Turvy, you can grow fresh tomatoes in 3 easy steps:

1. Put the plants into the ports
2. Put soil in the bag
3. Add water in the top

I was so curious about the idea of this unusual growing method, that I’ve decided to try the Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter myself.   Topsy Turvy’s statement that this planter will solve nearly every problem associated with tomato culture sounds too good to not give a try.  “No more soil to prepare, holes to dig, cages, stakes, typing up, wedding, no more on-your-knees work and no more ground animals, insects, fungus, bacteria or nematodes”.  By golly, I’m excited to see how it works!

I’ve decided to try two planters with two different varieties of tomato.  For my experiment, I’ve chosen a smaller species, the Grape tomato, as well as a medium-sized grower, the Patio tomato.  The Topsy Turvy planter comes with a helpful gardening tips guide and step-by-step instructions.  I was able to quickly and easily set up the planters on my own.

Over the next few months, I’ll share with you my results and observations  utilizing this unusual growing planter.  I do have to admit to being charmed so far.  A few tips I can pass along from the installation stage are to be sure to hang your planter from a very secure location, as the bag becomes quite heavy once the soil is added.  Also, find a small plant to get started, preferably one in a 6-pack cell, as the bottom insertion opening of the planter is not very wide.  I had to manipulate my 4″ potted tomatoes to get them to fit through, which can cause damage to the fragile plant if you’re not careful.

The Topsy Turvy also grows other vegetables, such as bell peppers, zucchini, cucumbers, eggplants, and more.  Look for our Topsy Turvy strawberry planter and hot pepper planter, as well as the tomato planter, in the Greenhouse.

Besides tomatoes, we have quite a few other summer growing vegetables in stock  including yellow squash, sweet bell peppers, ‘long red slim’  cayenne peppers, red sweet peppers, ‘sweet banana’ peppers, and jalapenos.

And we also have received an absolutely gorgeous shipment of sweet basil.

I’m heading back to the garden center for a couple of these beauties today! 😉

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Hope to see you all down at Garden Supply soon, and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow for more snippets from the garden.

Blooming Trees for Mid April

Hi everyone!  Looking to add some spring-flowering trees to your landscape and wondering what might be blooming in our area right now? This week?  Today?  Here are a few outstanding choices available for mid April blooming that reach their peek of beauty just as the Redbuds begin to fade and well after the Bradford pears have lost their luster. We’ve got them all down at Garden Supply.

The first option, that I’m sure you’ve noticed while driving down almost any semi-wooded street in town, is the glorious Dogwood tree (Cornus genus).

  • Beautiful white spring-time blossoms
  • Adaptable to various soil types
  • Drought tolerant

The Dogwood tree boasts a profusion of full white blooms every spring. Deep green leaves turn scarlet in fall, making your dogwood a beautiful sight in all seasons.

This breathtakingly beautiful blizzard of white blossoms is an excellent choice to plant along streets, near large buildings, next to patios or as a property border. An especially eye-catching tree when planted in rows.

This tree rewards all through the year!

Beloved blooms welcome spring from Massachusetts to Florida… from east to west
Stunning scarlet leaves add to the color show in the fall
Red berries appear in the fall and winter attracting songbirds – up to thirty-six species are known to be attracted to the dogwood’s fruit

Matures at 15-30 feet…grows in partial shade or full sun. Grows in most soils including acidic, loamy, rich, sandy or even clay.

Did you know?

– The White Dogwood is a native tree cultivated in 1731.
– George Washington planted it at Mt. Vernon, as did Thomas Jefferson at Monticello.
– Early Native Americans made medicinal teas from its bark

You’ll want to consider making this all-American tree part of your own landscape.

Another fabulous choice for mid April blooming is the Yoshino Flowering Cherry tree, a rapid-growing vase-like deciduous broadleaf tree.

• Stunning white blossoms
• Adaptable to various soil types
• Drought resistant

The Yoshino Flowering Cherry Tree is widely used as an ornamental tree; valued for its abundance of soft, white flowers in spring.

Its Oriental branching pattern displays a pure white cloud of delicate flowers that make your landscape look like springtime on parade…

Chose this tree to –

• Border driveways
• Accent small areas in your lawn.
• Highlight outdoor living areas

These trees line the streets of Washington, DC, and along with its cousin, the Kwanzan Cherry, are the stars of the city’s Cherry Blossom Festival. Held each spring, this festival displays thousands of blooming cherry trees along the city’s walkways.

When you plant this tree, you get the same effect at your home!

Plant in a row to give you a line of breathtakingly stunning white flowers. This tree is regarded by many horticulturalist as the best flowering tree you can find.

Did you know?

– The Yoshino is a native of Japan,
– Was introduced to America in 1902.
– There is a Japanese legend that each spring a fairy maiden hovers low in the warm sky, wakening the sleeping Cherry Trees to life with her delicate breath.

Another fabulous April-blooming cherry tree is the Kwanzan cherry.

• Hardiest of all cherry trees
• Rapidly grows to a mature height of 30-40 ft.

The Kwanzan Flowering Cherry Tree is easily the showiest of all Cherry Trees. Its flowers aren’t just pink… but “Double Pink,” meaning you get twice as many blooms as found on other trees.

Your new Kwanzan Cherry Tree blooms in large clusters of 3-5 flowers! These clusters are the thickest of all pink flowering trees and look similar to carnations.

Your Kwanzans will begin to bloom in April. Also a delight in the fall, when it will give you golden autumn leaves that grab everyone’s attention.

One of the easiest flowering trees to grow! Thrives in almost any soil and climate. Easily grown in zones 5-9. A tree for many seasons!

Stop by the garden center to find  these lovely trees in full bloom, ready to lighten and brighten your gardens this season.  Talk to our experts about the best tree planting guidelines for these species, and pick up our handy planting guide, available in the Greenhouse.  We have everything you need to ensure your new trees get off to a great start and get your yards looking in tip-top shape this season.

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I’ll see you back here soon for more snippets from the garden.

Summer Tropicals

Hi everyone!  Hope you all are enjoying your weekends and this fabulous weather we are having.  What a beautiful day it is!  Perfect for a little gardening.  And since I know you are all in the mood to plant, I am super excited to share with you some of our new arrivals down at the garden center.

A touch of the tropics hit Garden Supply this week with a big shipment of beautiful perennials and tropicals from Monrovia.  For 84 years, Monrovia has pioneered many new technologies and plant introductions including hundreds of patented plants, making them a leader in developing fabulous plants that will thrive in your garden.

Now keep in mind that since central North Carolina is in Zone 7, our winters are a bit too cool for these tropics-loving plants, but don’t let that deter you.  These gorgeous plants will thrive in our hot summer, providing you with lots of drought-tolerant showy blossoms all season long.  Treat them as you would any summer annual.  They do great in your container gardens, many can be grown in topiary form or trained to a trellis, and most offer interesting foliar texture as well as stunning flowers.

These topiary-form tree hibiscus do wonderfully in a pot on your deck or porch.  Just make sure they get lots of sun.

These are the ‘Orange King” and “Purple Queen” Bougainvillea.  The ‘Orange King’ has a strong vining habit providing quick cover and beautiful, showy masses of bronze-orange flowers.  They do great in patio containers and hanging baskets.

The ‘Purple Queen’ has rich, deep purple blooms which are displayed against handsome green foliage.  It has a compact, upright and spreading form.  Wonderful for planter boxes, fences or arbors.

We also have the Barbara Karst Bougainvillea in both topiary tree form and spreading form.

The spreading form offers a vigorous, showy vine with bright magenta-red blooms.  Gives a fine cover to patios or arbors, and is also a good ground cover for banks.

This next beauty is the ‘Sun Parasol’ Crimson Mandevilla. It is excellent for patio containers, offering a bushy vine with large trumpet-shaped flowers.

If you are looking for a touch of textural interest, check out this fun and whimsical ‘Pony Tail Fern’, Asparagus densiflorus ‘myers’.

This plants boasts long plume-like stems that hold soft, needle-like leaves.  Its fluffy appearance adds unusual textural contrast to container gardens.

And finally today, I would like to share with you another plant with fabulous foliar structure, the Black Jack Fig.

This attractive garden tree has sweet, elongated fruit in summer.  Its semi-dwarf form makes it a good choice where space is limited.

I hope you all have enjoyed this small taste of the tropics here in the heart of North Carolina.  Puts me in the mind of cool sea breezes, palm trees, and sandy beaches.  Time to bust out the Hawaiian print shirts and head on down to the garden center, as these plants won’t be around for long. I couldn’t help but notice they were getting snatched up yesterday about as quickly as they could be unloaded. 

Thanks so much for stopping by!  We have many more new plants to share with you all, so I’ll see you back here soon for more snippets from the garden.

Temperature Drop Tonight

Hi everyone!  I’m back with a quick post this evening.  With temperatures expected to drop into the 30’s tonight, you may want to take a moment to protect any tender or young plants in your landscape.  Most plants will manage the chill with no problems, but if you’ve just brought home some tender plants  like basil or tomatoes, they could use a little extra TLC.  Bring them inside, if possible, but if not, a light sheet draped over top will work just fine. Overturning a clay pot on your young plants is a great way to shelter them while still allowing airflow.

It’s going to be a beautiful weekend, and the garden center is absolutely bursting with new arrivals.  Summer annuals and tropicals are filling the grounds with color, and the perennial area is just as amazing.  I can’t wait to share with you some of the photographs I took earlier today.  Be sure to stop by tomorrow to take a peek.

See you all then!