Tried & True Plants




Daruma Loropetalum

The Daruma Loropetalum is a low, compact semi-evergreen shrub. This Loropetalum is known for its beautiful spring flowers and attractive winter foliage.

Ruby Loropetalum

This shrub is the smallest variety of Loropetalum growing three to five feet tall and two to three feet wide, making it a wonderful shrub to put along a foundation or in a smaller landscape area.

Zhuzhou Loropetalum

Blackish maroon foliage maintains its color even throughout the heat of summer. Stunning display of fragrant deep pink flowers. Has a distinct, upright form with strong ascending branches.


Kaliedoscope Abelia

A new ornamental variegated compact landscape shrub with changing leaf colors throughout the season.

Knock Out® Family of Roses

Knock-Out Roses

The Knock Out® Family of Roses are easy to grow and do not require special care. They are the most disease resistant rose on the market. They have stunning flower power with a generous bloom cycle (about every 5-6 weeks) that will continue until the first hard frost. All of the Knock Out® Roses are self-cleaning so there is no need to deadhead.


Flirt Nandina

Stunning, deep red, new growth accentuates the evergreen leaves of this Nandina.

Firepower Nandina

One of the best coloring Nandinas! Brilliant red foliage fall through winter. Neat mounds are terrific for borders, massing and containers. Requires no pruning.

Domestica Nandina (Heavenly Bamboo)

Lacy green leaves on upright cane-like stems turn brilliant red in autumn. Creamy flowers are followed by clusters of red berries. Use in groupings or as a screen. Good for narrow spaces.

Harbor Belle Nandina

Attractive, dense compact evergreen shrub displays brilliant burgundy foliage in fall and winter. Fall clusters of bright red berries. Effective as groundcover, specimen plant or border. Soft foliage has pink tint in spring.

Obsession Nandina

This new and distinctive Nandina is an upright, compact, dense grower with brilliant red new foliage, and richer color than ordinary Nandinas.


Yoshino Cryptomeria

A symmetrical, columnar form with densely packed, blue-green foliage that has a bronze cast in winter. Attractive bark is soft red with shredded surface texture. Good specimen. Plant in groves or linear plantings for windbreak or screening.

Gyokuryu Cryptomeria

Interesting irregular pyramidal habit creates a unique silhouette in the landscape. Use as an individual specimen or plant in groups for greater interest. Deep green foliage does not become bronze in winter.

Globosa Cryptomeria

A superb selection that retains a neat, dense mound with little care. Enjoy as a single specimen or group as a filler. Fine-textured foliage breaks up the bold effects of large-leaved plants. Foliage becomes rusty red in winter.


Compacta Holly

Little pruning is necessary to produce or maintain the dense globular form. In spring, the young stems are purple and mature foliage holds its glossy green color all year. Small black fruit that hangs on throughout the winter.

Carissa Holly

An outstanding compact, dense foliage shrub with dark glossy green leaves that have one spine at the tip. Excellent for use as a low hedge, in containers or in mass plantings. Provides a lush green background for flowering plants.

Steeds Holly

An easy to grow, densely branched evergreen shrub with an interesting pyramidal form. Lustrous dark green foliage adds color to the landscape year-round. Black berries last all winter on female plants. A shapely hedge or foundation plant.

Bordeaux Holly

Low growth habit makes this an excellent choice for a low border plant. Small, dark green leaves turn rich, burgundy-red in winter for cool season interest. Adapts to a wide range of cultural conditions and mixes well in almost any landscape.

Soft Touch Holly

A dense soft-textured evergreen shrub with soft, glossy green leaves that have an interesting silver mid-vein. Works wonderfully planted in borders, as an accent, or along walkways. Black berries last all winter.

Needlepoint Holly

Year-round interest shrub. Valued for its delicate, narrow, twisted leaves and heavy crop of bright red fruit that lasts through winter. Performs well as a lush screen, border, accent or foundation plant. Heat and drought tolerant.

Burford Holly

Vigorous, upright grower is perhaps the most useful of the hollies. Prolific bearer of large, bright red berries without a pollenizer present, even heavier with. Excellent evergreen hedge or specimen.

Oakland Holly

This is a relatively new introduction evergreen holly which is noted for its handsome foliage and red berries. Makes an ideal specimen plant and also used as a hedge planting. New growth color is bronze to burgundy, a special feature of this holly.

Nellie Stevens Holly

One of the most attractive of all hollies. Vigorous grower with dense branches makes an excellent tall screen. Producer of large bright orange-red berries. Use male Chinese hollies as pollenizers.




Most camellias do best in dappled shade, and will reach 5-8’ in 10 years, unless otherwise indicated. In the wild, they often achieve tree stature, and can in the garden as well.


Acuba (Aucuba)

Striking variegated shrub for shade gardens. Excellent background for contrasting foliage plants.



Low, spreading form displays bright yellow flowers followed by blue-black fruit clusters. Suitable large scale groundcover, small shrub grouping. Will control erosion.



Beautiful shrub for shady areas! White flowers are small, but very fragrant. Followed by bright red fruit. Forms natural espalier against wall. Useful in areas where others won’t grow!


Crape Mrytle

Crape Mrytle

While various species and cultivars are able to fill a wide variety of landscape needs, crape myrtles are chiefly known for their colorful and long-lasting flowers. Most species of Lagerstroemia have sinewy, fluted stems and branches with a mottled appearance that arises from having bark that sheds throughout the year.


Red Maple

Brings color to your landscape year-round. Green stems turn red in winter, new leaves are red-tinged, turning to green.

Japanese Maple

Japanese Maple

Many different cultivars of this maple have been selected and they are grown worldwide for their attractive leaf shapes and colors.

Japanese Maple


Eastern Redbud

Rosy pink flowers appear in April. Reddish-purple leaves change to dark green, then to yellow. Forms a spreading, graceful crown. Full sun or light shade.



Itea (Sweetspire)

A compact sweetspire that starts out the summer with a beautiful display of fragrant white flowers that blanket the shrub. As summer progresses shiny, disease-free foliage takes over until fall when the foliage turns a stunning garnet-red. Perfectly suited for covering large banks, beds and borders.


Variegated Beautyberry

A bushy, rounded, upright grower with medium-green foliage speckled with white and berries in the fall and winter.


Chinese Snowball Viburnum

This semi-evergreen or evergreen shrub has a rounded form. In late spring, it bears flower clusters—sometimes up to 8 inches wide—that start out chartreuse and turn pure white. Dark green leaves are semi-evergreen in southern states, where it can grow to 20 feet high and 15 feet wide.


Buddlea (Butterfly Bush)

 Butterfly Bush (Buddleia davidii) produce flowers that come in a kaleidoscope of colors that range from deep purple, vibrant pink, gold, magenta, black, and white. Their bright hues and delicate scents attract hummingbirds and butterflies. Butterfly Bushes are the perfect shrubs for borders, and you can even enjoy their flowers in arrangements.

 Combination Plants

Winter Interest Combination

For a bit of winter interest in the landscape garden, try Garden Supply owner Keith Ramsey’s favorite combination: Bihou Japanese Maple, Winter Sun Mahonia, and Limelight Hydrangea.

Bihou Japanese Maple is a new introduction. Vivid Coral/Orange stems in winter put on a fantastic display on a small, upright vase shaped tree. Tiny, yellow-green leaves cover the tree in summer, giving way to orange fall leaf color and the stunning orange bark in winter.

Winter Sun Mahonia is a wide-spreading evergreen shrub with large lance-shaped leaflets. Beginning in late fall, scented, lemon yellow flowers open in upright or spreading racemes, and last until May, followed by blue-purple berries. Excellent for adding color to the winter garden.

Limelight Hydrangea is an exciting new hardy Hydrangea from Holland. ‘Limelight’ has unique bright green blooms in mid-summer that holds its bright and refreshing color right into autumn when the blooms change color to a rich deep pink. The autumn display of green and pink blooms on the same plant is breathtaking! And the faded flower heads add interest and texture to the winter landscape, too.


Evergreen Shrub Combination

This season, we’re excited to bring you two new evergreen shrubs to the trade that together bring great color and contrasting texture to the garden: Chamaecyparis Obtusa “Confucius” and Golden Dream Boxwood. Both look fabulous paired here with Henry’s Garnet Itea and a Bihou Japanese Maple.

Chamaecyparis Obtusa “Confucius” is a new golden Hinoki false-cypress selection with a full, upright form. Offers very attractive coloring with bright, lemon-yellow on the outermost foliage, surrounded by darker shades of yellow, gold and dark green on interior foliage.

Golden Dream Boxwood is an extremely handsome plant with green foliage that is edged in golden yellow. Growth habit is nice & compact, and foliage is very dense. Color is most pronounced in full sun, but will accept either full sun or partial shade. This plant can be used for anything from a low growing hedge to a nice, neat, accent in any garden.