Landscape Consultation

Landscape Consultation

Whether you’re an avid gardener who just wants some fresh ideas and advice, a new homeowner with no idea what to do, been in a house for 15 years that needs more curb appeal or you’re looking for a backyard escape and more outdoor living, the landscape consult is for you. A Landscape designer will spend 1 hour at your house, getting your input and then marking out design ideas for the spaces to be considered in addition to answering more specific questions for those who just want some gardening tips and advice. Our Landscape designer will take the input given by the customer to solve functional problems and generate design ideas for your space, as well as answer specific questions about plant identification, pruning, plant recommendations, soil amendment, drainage etc.

The designer is yours for an hour and marking out new bed lines and flagging plant locations or a rough onsite sketch of a smaller area is typically feasible. The cost of a one-hour on-site consultation is $125. Any additional time in studio will be billed at $65/design hour, so please identify your most pressing priorities so that the designer can focus his time while there. You will receive a free estimate for all ideas generated during the consultation. Many times, the main ideas can be conceived and marked out during the initial consult hour and in meeting afterwards in the garden center, see 3-D sketches of your space as well as visuals of the plants and materials suggested for your design.

Larger scale projects will require additional design time. A good rule of thumb is that 1% of the budget for your project be devoted to its design. For clients who want more extensive master plans or a project that entails grading, elevation changes/hardscapes, or a more in depth planting plan, the consultation is a jumping off point in which it is equally important for the designer to understand your priorities and get your input so that the design is tailored to your needs and lifestyle. Feel free to view samples of landscape design sketches/designs in the Landscape Portfolio.

Make sure you get a copy of our landscape brochure at the register at the garden center or click the link below. Although everything may not be applicable for you and your situation it will help get you thinking in regard to your most pressing priorities. This will allow the designer to spend their time accordingly and to maximize your design hour.

 landscape brochure


Although this will fluctuate depending on the time of year and the size of your project, typically an estimate will be generated within a week and a half of your consult. Many times we will meet with you at the garden center to walk you through examples of plant choices and design ideas, or you can bring your estimate by the garden center and a plant professional will show you proposed ideas. Please let us know what your neighborhood requires and the landscape designer will give you an idea of how much additional design time will be needed to generate a sketch for submission.