Cole’s Birdseed

IMG_3062Cole’s birdseed is now 40% off with the purchase of any birdhouse or bird feeder.  Now is a good time to put out suet cakes and bluebird mealworms.

Annual Holiday Open House

Garden Supply Co.- Cary, NC

Mark your calendars for our favorite special event! We hope you can join us this weekend as we kick off the holiday season with our annual Holiday Open House. Our helper elves have been working hard to turn the Greenhouse into a spectacular winter wonderland, and we are so excited to share this season’s offerings with you!


The festivities begin Friday with our much anticipated tree-lit evening in the garden. Stroll the Greenhouse in the twinkling lights and magic of the season while enjoying  the peak of beauty of our freshly decorated trees.

Our Holiday Open House continues throughout the weekend as well, so come on back and visit with us more! We’re looking forward to seeing you all!

Holiday Open House

Friday November 2: 6:30-8:30
Saturday November 3: 8:00 am- 6:00 pm
Sunday November 4: 11:00 am- 5:00 pm

End of Summer Sale

We have some great deals right now on end-of-summer plants throughout the garden center. Save big on select perennials while supplies last. At only $6.25, regularly priced $9.99- $14.99, these plants are a true bargain. Now is the perfect time to stock up and save, and add a burst of color to your late summer garden.

Chose from one-gallon perennials such as:



Tall Verbena

Homestead Purple Verbena and Black Eyed Susans

Ornamental Grasses

And East Friesland Sage.

Also, we still have some great deals on Caladiums. Lots of beautiful color variations to choose from.

5 for $10 on all 4″ pots
5 for $20 on all 6″ pots

And in the Greenhouse, save big on our entire collection of indoor/outdoor recycled rugs. Now 50% off!

These recycled plastic mats can be used inside or out, in covered and uncovered spaces. They don’t absorb dirt or stains. Leaves, debris, and food stains are easily rinsed away, plus they resist mildew because they don’t absorb moisture.

For more great sale deals, be sure to stop by the garden center! We’re constantly updating our sales tables to make room for all the new fall and winter merchandise that’s starting to arrive. You never know what you’ll find, so be sure to stop by!


Meet the Designers- This Weekend










Our landscape designers are on hand this weekend for a special Meet the Designers event. Stop in to meet the team and learn about our services from consultation, to design and install, to maintenance packages. Book a consultation for the month of August for only $65. That’s 50% off our regular fee!

With the end of summer in sight and the fall season about to begin, now is the perfect time to start that landscaping project you’ve always been dreaming about!

Meet the Designers

Friday August 3: 10 am -4 pm
Saturday August 4: 10 am- 4 pm
Sunday August 5: 11 am- 4 pm

For more information about our landscape services and a photo album of our work, please visit our website.


One-Day Daylily Sale

Garden Supply Co.- Cary, NC

Just a quick note to let you know that tomorrow, Tuesday July 24th, for one day only, all Daylilies will be on sale Buy One, Get One Free at Garden Supply Co.

If you love plants with bold blossoms that are easy to grow and perfectly suited to our Piedmont area growing conditions, then Daylilies are for you. Daylilies are rugged, adaptable, vigorous perennials that endure in a garden for many years with little or no care. Daylilies adapt to a wide range of soil and light conditions. They establish quickly, grow vigorously, and survive winters with little or no injury.

Each Daylily plant produces an abundance of flower buds that open over a long period of time. There are many varieties, a wide range of flower colors, and the flowers continue during the heat of the summer.

Daylilies are useful in the perennial flower border, planted in large masses, or as a ground cover on slopes, where they form a dense mat in just a few years.

If you haven’t given them a try, now is the time to stock up and save. Hope to see you tomorrow for our special One-Day Sale.

Tuesday July 24th One Day Daylily Sale- Buy One, Get One Free

January Gardening

January is usually a fairly quiet month in the garden. Peek planting time is still a few months away, and colder winters temperatures have most of us preferring to stay inside with a good book or movie instead of working outside in the yard. Now is a great time to curl up with the many plant catalogs that may be arriving in your mailbox this time of year. Make some plans. Start a gardening journal, if you haven’t already, and fill it with designs for new planting beds and plants you’d like to try out this spring. Make note of what has worked for you in the past, and what hasn’t. Then, when the time is ready, you will be that much ahead of the game.

Even though January is not a prime planting time, we have been blessed so far this year with an extremely mild winter. So much so, that if you haven’t yet put in all the trees and shrubs you were wishing to this past fall, it’s not too late to do so now. As long as the ground isn’t frozen, go ahead and plant now. Be sure to regularly water your new transplants to help them get established and build strong root systems before the heat of next summer kicks in. Give them a 3-4″ layer of mulch around their roots to help protect them from the elements, too.

Here’s a few other gardening tips for the month of January.

Care for Your Bulbs

If you’re going to be preparing a new border for bulbs, now is a good time to mix compost, lime, or other soil amendments into the bed. Don’t dig if the soil is too wet and clings to your shovel. If that’s the case, wait a few days for the soil to dry out some first.

If a few warmer days of winter have produced new shoots from your bulbs to appear, don’t worry. The leaves are quite cold tolerant and don’t require any special protection. If they are damaged, expect new leaves to emerge later.

Do maintain a blanket of mulch at the feet of your bulbs. Without it, repeated freezing and thawing of the ground can lift the bulbs out of the ground, leaving them to dry out or be harmed by the cold.

Lawn Care

Lawns usually require little care at this time of year. Keep your eye out for winter annuals popping up, such as common chickweed and henbit, and hand-pull as necessary. To reduce winter damage, avoid walking on a frozen lawn. And although this is not peek planting time, sod can be installed anytime the soil isn’t frozen. Newly sodded areas should be moist for the roots to “take”. Water immediately after sodding to wet the soil to a depth of 3 or 4 inches. Don’t let the soil dry out until the sod has “knitted” into the soil.

Do not fertilize at this time.

If mowing is necessary, remove no more than one-third of the grass height. Now is a great time to get the blades on your mower sharpened and ready for spring.


Except for the removal of dead, damaged, or diseased branches, avoid any major pruning until after the coldest part of winter has passed. Pruning now will stimulate new growth which can yet be damaged by harsh winter weather. Before you prune out a limb that looks dead, scrape the bark and look at the underlying tissue. A green layer indicates live tissue.

If you haven’t already pruned your ornamental grasses back, wait a bit longer. As long as they haven’t been damaged by weather, wind, ice, or snow, just enjoy their glorious winter foliage.

These few winter gardening tips should help keep your yard in good shape for now. Next time I’ll be back with tips on starting your perennial, vegetable, and herb seeds indoors for transplant later. Until then, for all your planting and care tips, remember that our friendly experts are on hand seven days a week with answers for all your gardening questions.