2015 is the Year of the…

ColeusEvery year, the National Garden Bureau selects one annual, perennial, and edible plant as their “Year of the” plants. They choose these based on how each plant’s popularity, easiness-to-grow, adaptability, genetic diversity, and versatility. This year they have selected:

Annual of the Year: Coleus

Coleus is a sturdy plant that doesn’t need too much care from gardeners. These plants are available in a wide range of colors and varieties and make a stunning statement wherever you decide to put them.

Perennial of the Year: Gaillardia

This is a beautiful flowering plant is in the sunflower family and comes in shades of red, orange, yellow, brown and white. It has a long season of bloom and attracts butterflies.

Edible of the Year: Sweet PepperGaillardia

Sweet peppers offer something for everyone—they come in a lot of different shapes, sizes, and colors. They are a garden favorite and are ideal for spot planting around your garden.


We’re still in the midst of winter but spring is just around the corner! As we approach warmer weather, consider finding a place for some of these plants in your garden. Come in to see us to learn what we have in stock and tips to make these plants thrive.

Get Ready for Our Holiday Workshops with Trevor Bey!

Don’t miss our upcoming Holiday Workshops presented by Trevor Bey from Holiday Creation, Inc!

Want to rev up your holiday decorations? Ready to wow your friends and family with dazzling displays? Trevor Bey is an incredible designer who can help you transform the way you think about decorating for Christmas. He’s an expert in his industry, having decorated public venues like Grove Park Inn in Asheville, the Panther’s Football Stadium in Charlotte, as well as a string of stores in the Bahamas as well as along the East Coast (including ours). He will teach you all the secrets of the pros!Holiday Workshop- Trevor Bey

Trevor will be teaching a number of classes for us in October and November and the October ones are listed below. To sign up for a class, stop by the Garden Center or call 919-460-7747. Registration is open and spots are limited—so don’t delay, sign up today!

November 6 (Thursday)-11:00 A.M. The Five Minute Bouquet-$35.00

For those of you who are skilled in decorating from taking previous workshops, this class is for you.  Trevor’s new and simple tricks of the trade add up to a whole lot ideas to decorate almost everything in your home.

November 6 (Thursday)-6:00 P.M. Christmas Trees 101-$35.00. Limit 50

This “hands-on” workshop will cover ribbon and bow making, as well as the seven elements of design for decorating any style Christmas tree. Learn how to properly “fluff” your tree, shape picks and place prop pieces.  Leave class with your own DIY bow and all the knowledge to decorate a designer tree this holiday season.

November 7 (Friday)- 11:00 a.m. Christmas Trees 101- $35.00 Limit 50

This “hands-on” workshop will cover ribbon and bow making, as well as the seven elements of design for decorating any style Christmas tree. Learn how to properly “fluff” your tree, shape picks and place prop pieces.  Leave class with your own DIY bow and all the knowledge to decorate a designer tree this holiday season.

November 7 (Friday)-6:00 p.m. Deck the Halls-$35.00 Limit 50

This “Hands-On” workshop is all about learning the techniques to create simple swags and apply them to wreaths, bannisters, and mantels…from simple to elaborate, this class covers it all.

November 8 (Saturday)-10:00a.m.-3:00p.m., Weekend Workshop with Trevor Bey-$125.00-(includes lunch)

Join Trevor for an all day workshop covering everything you want to know about professional holiday decorating. Trevor will cover the basics of putting together a beautiful tree, mantel, wreath, garland and he will show you the magic of the 5-minute bouquet. Lunch is provided.

A Gardener Wears Many Hats

Get a jump start on Spring with a fresh pair of gloves, boots, garden hats, and tools. Shop our gardener’s boutique for the latest looks in gardening aprons and totes. 

gardener many hats

New Arrivals: Tropical Houseplants

Shop the greenhouse for our selection of Tropical Houseplants. Their leafy foliage is the perfect addition to your home after the coziness of the Holiday décor has been packed away! Not sure which plant is a good match for you? Our on-site houseplant expert is here to help you choose the best species for your environment. Get started today!


houseplants 1   houseplants 2

Gourmet Foods & Bottled Colas

Check out our selection of gourmet foods and beverages, new to  GSCO! We are now offering some of our favorite baking mixes, canned preserves, and local edibles. 

Shop our Mccutcheon’s canned products featuring butters, preserves, jams, jellies, hot sauces, salad dressings, relishes, BBQ sauces, and more. We can’t forget their ever so popular Apple Ciders – even better served warm! All with that old fashioned home made quality and taste you will love. Mccutcheon’s use only real cane sugar and natural fruit juices as sweeteners.

dressings  cider  cans  relish samp

Try our Private Label baking mixes with recipes including Rosemary Garlic Beer Bread, Key Lime Coconut Whipping Cream Scones, Herbs de Provence Boule, Lavendar and Rose Whipping Cream Scones, Lemon Squares, Orange Cinnamon Whipping Cream Scones, and Lemon Lavendar Whipping Cream Scones. 

mixes  sample

Also from Mccutcheon’s are our staff favorite  –  old fashioned bottled sodas. Choose from Birch Beer, Orange Cream Soda, Grape Soda, Diet Rootbeer, and Black Cherry Cola. 

 soda  soda $ edit

We also offer  local favorites from Dewey’s Bakery in Winston Salem, North Carolina.  At the top of the list among customers are the Moravian Sugar Cookies. 



Peanuts from Bertie County make great snack when you’re looking for that little something salty or even sweet perhaps. Choose from Wasabi, Honey Roasted, Butterscotch, Salt and Pepper, Chocolate Covered and Batchelor Bay.



Fresh Cut Creations From Your Winter Garden

The smell of Fraser firs never ceases to evoke memories of childhood holidays.  A favorite tradition was to journey outside with my grandparents and cousins to gather winter’s natural sparkle for our holiday decorations. 

We clipped from branches of grandmother’s prized magnolia, nandinas and lets not forget the mistle toe! This is where I had my first taste for what is possible for fresh plant material trimmed from the garden translating into custom works of living art that go beyond a bouquet of flowers. 

Often what looks great to the eye in an arrangement will also compliment in the outdoor living space.  Design elements to pay attention to are not just simply color but also leaf texture and size.  For instance, the velvet brown undersides of large, oval magnolia leaves pair fabulously with juniper’s spiny pointed stems dripping with navy berries.  

juniper  magnolia

Fresh from the farm, Osmanthus heterophyllus ‘Goshiki,’ adds sheer speckled light on holly shaped leaves. Adding not only color but texture to the garden and arrangements year round.  


Coral bark Japanese maples are often twiggy trees and it is a great time to prune and use their branches for a linear element in decorations. 


The winter palette is full of color from the canary bright tones of the feathery Chamaecyparis pisifera ‘Vintage Gold’, to the bark of red twig dogwoods and ice blue of Cupressus glabra ‘Carolina Sapphire’.

 The tapestry of our garden can be woven into your Christmas memories with fresh cut creations for your holiday trimmings as well as new plants for future cutting arrangements from your very own garden.  Come by and our gardeners can help put the perfect plant pairings together for every outdoor living space.  

20131124_125344          winter sparkel

How thankful we are at Garden Supply to have entered into the winter celebration season.  As you stop by in the following weeks enjoy not only fresh cut trees but a custom wreath making station where one can watch and learn.  We offer a variety of plant cuttings that you can order fresh arrangements from or take home bundles to make your very own. 

photo (10)