How to make your own holiday accent bows

DSC_0127Accent bows. They are the focal point of the wreaths on our front doors. They’re at the tops of our Christmas trees and grace all of our windows with perfect symmetry. They seem so elegant in their simplicity. And they are simple. Holiday accent bows can be just as easy to create as they are easy on the eye. Can you tie them in a knot? Then you can tie them in a bow.

So gather your ribbons from the attic or drop by to see us. (We have an entire wall filled with holiday ribbon!) Pick a traditional red felt or go all out with hues of blue or glitter galore. The choice is up to you! While you’re out, pick up a spool of floral wire and wire cutters (if you don’t already own a pair).

Here’s how it’s done.

Step 1. Furrow the brow. Put a smirk in the lip and get your Martha Stewart face on. Confidence is key. Get ready to rock these ribbons!

Step 2. Pump up the holiday jams. Let’s get inspired. Now, decide just how large you want your bow. Take the end piece of your ribbon and create a loop. Pinch and twist. Wrap the cinched center with your floral wire.

Step 3. Repeat step two, creating another loop approximately the same size. Place it opposite of the first loop. Once you’ve pinched and twisted, repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat…until you are satisfied with the fullness of your accent bow.

Step 4. Fasten the center of the bow with floral wire by wrapping several times. Once you feel it’s secure, twist at the back leaving enough wire to later use to fasten your bow to a wreath, window or tree.

Step 5. Fluff it up and hang your unique, hand-made accent bow in your place of choice.

Think you’ll be needing a little extra hands-on help in the accent bow department? Join us Thursday, November 19 from 6:00-7:30pm for our Holiday Wine and Design Workshop and get ready to knock your neighbor’s socks off. For details, click here.

Pumped for Pumpkins: DIY Decor Ideas for Fall

We’re getting pumped for fall! Are you? Check out our top five unique pumpkin DIY decorating ideas! 
Fall is here. Halloween is just around the corner. And the orange, yellow, green and white hues of pumpkins glows from every corner. Although decorating with pumpkins stems from a seasoned ritual, Garden Supply Company has a few ideas that put a spin on the fall decorating tradition. Let’s get creative!

Our Top Five Unique Pumpkin Decorating Ideas:

1. Pumpkin Container Garden – Ceramic pots come in all shapes, sizes and colors these days. But if you’re really in the fall fest spirit, why not make your own pot? No need for clay and kiln here! We’re talking about using your pumpkin as a pot. For this pumpkin project, all you’ll need is a kitchen knife and serving spoon. Cut the top off of the pumpkin just like you would if you were carving a jack-o-lantern, scoop the seeds out from the inside, add potting soil and your choice of fall plants.

2. Seasonal Succulent Garden – No need for a knife here! Creating a succulent container garden actually requires gluing, not cutting. For this project you’ll need spray adhesive, a hot glue gun, moss and succulent cuttings. Rather than cutting the top from the pumpkin, simply spray the bottom of your moss and adhere to the area near the stem in small sections. Once the top is covered, gather your succulent cuttings and begin to hot glue them to the moss beginning with the center first.

What we love about this pumpkin piece is that the succulents will begin to grow into the moss if they are cared for properly. Just mist once a week with a small spray bottle. Once your pumpkin begins to age, simply cut the top off and plant the succulents elsewhere!

3. Glitzy Table Arrangements – There are many ways to make your miniature to medium-sized pumpkins and gourds fit for a feast. The easiest way to do this is to douse them in gold! Simply purchase a can of gold (white and silver work too!) spray paint and paint an assortment of our traditionally orange pumpkins. Wait for them to dry and then spread them across your dinner table runner or pile them in a large white or wooden serving dish for display. These center-pieces are sure to dazzle your guests!

4. Festive Table Toppers – Tiny pumpkins and gourds are oh, so cute! Why not buy a few or enough to adorn your dinner table or another place in the house that could use a little light? Take the tops off of each pumpkin and carve them so that there’s room for a votive candle in each one. Just before your guests arrive or the kids sit down for dinner, light the votives for your special occasion.

5. Halloween-Themed Terrarium – With the cooler air coming our way, terrariums are a beautiful way to bring the outdoors in. Dress up your terrarium with miniature pumpkins and gourds or small spooky gravestones and skulls from our gift shop.

Interested in creating your own? Learn more about how to build and spruce your terrarium up for halloween on Sunday, October 25, from 3:00-4:30pm. All building materials such as gravel, activated charcoal, moss and dirt will be supplied. Find out more here. Cost: $25 *Does not include plants and spooky accessories. 

Don’t Miss Brie Arthur!

Brie Arthur will be teaching Foodscaping 101 – Sustainable Growing in Small Spaces on Saturday, February 21st from 11 am to 12 pm. From container gardening to sowing seeds, she will teach you all you need to know to get ready for spring and how to incorporate food into your landscaping. Brie is nationally known for her sustainable gardening efforts and plant propagation skills. She was recently featured in Organic Gardening Magazine as one of the top rising young rock stars of horticulture. Brie will help you transform your space (large or small!) into a garden that gives back day after day.

Saturday, February 21, 11 am -12 pm

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Starting Seeds Indoors Class


We have a huge selection of seeds to choose from!

Join us on Saturday, February 14th from 10 am-11 am for our free class on how to start seeds indoors. This is the perfect time to get your seeds going indoors to give your garden a head start so you will be able to see the fruits of your labor more quickly. Flowers can spend more time blooming and fruit or vegetable plants can spend more time yielding crops rather than trying to reach maturity. Seeds are fairly inexpensive and it’s easy to get them established now so that when the weather warms up, your garden doesn’t miss a beat! Our class will help you learn about the best products, the process of seed starting, and how and when to transplant the seeds to your garden.

Saturday, February 14 from 10 am-11 am

Call 919-460-7747 to register. The class is FREE.

Houseplants 101 Class

Different ferns and plantsSaturday, February 7, from 10 am-11 am, come learn the basics of houseplant care with us! Keeping indoor plants is a wonderful way to add excitement and beauty to your home. We will help you determine what plants are perfect for your home and understand how to keep them thriving all year long—from watering techniques, to fertilization needs and when to repot. This class is free; simply call us at 919-460-7747 to register. Saturday, February 7 from 10 am-11 am Call 919-460-7747 to register. The class is FREE.

Upcoming Terrarium Workshop

terrariumsLooking for a fun project? Maybe something a little different? Then come to our Terrarium Workshop and make your very own adorable indoor garden! On Thursday, January 29th from 6 to 7 pm, we’ll be leading the group in a hands-on workshop to learn the very cool art of making a terrarium. The cost is $20, which includes the stones, soil, activated charcoal, and moss. (Additional plants or add-ons will be extra.)

Terrariums are an eye-catching way to instantly perk up a space. They look like their own little world which makes you take a closer look. They’re easy to make and can be made with a wide array of plant choices, so they can be as easy to care for as you want. Terrariums complement any décor and give an indoor area a fresh oxygen boost. They can also make great gifts and my favorite thing about terrariums is that my cats can’t get to the plants!

Attend our Terrarium Workshop for a much-needed break from the winter weather!

Thursday, January 29 from 6-7 pm

Cost: $20

Call 919-460-7747 to register