Fresh Cut North Carolina Frasier Fir Trees


5_8_08 1357Celebrate with a GSCO fresh cut Frasier Fir  -

For the more traditional at heart, “keep it fresh” this season with Garden Supply Company’s fresh cut Frasier Fir Christmas trees. Our specially selected Frasier Firs have been hand picked by our buyer for premium quality. Guaranteed Fresh as they have just arrived this week from a local farm in the mountains of North Carolina. Support local this holiday and celebrate with a GSCO Frasier Fir. Schedule your delivery today!

Wave® Petunias Offer Non-Stop Summer Color

Wave Petunias- Garden Supply Co

For non-stop powerhouse color all summer long, try Wave® Petunias, the most popular, award-winning series of Petunias ever grown. These spreading, trailing plants bloom like crazy and grow incredibly fast, and they are simply choked with flowers all summer and into fall. Wave Petunias also have the added benefit of being extremely low-maintenance. Unlike old-fashioned petunias, it’s not necessary to pinch back or deadhead Wave varieties – they can take care of themselves.  And better yet, they can withstand extremes of heat and cold, rain and humidity, making them ideal for our tough Piedmont area growing conditions. Wave Petunias are available in lots of beautiful colors and their easy growing habits make them a perfect candidate for beds, borders, and container gardens alike.

Just give Wave® Petunias a good feeding of an all-purpose plant food every few weeks, water and watch them grow!

New Impatiens Introduction: Simply Beautiful Fusion Impatiens Series

Gardeners have long prized Impatiens for delivering long-lasting color in shade. Reds, pinks, lavenders and pure white Impatiens will brighten any dark corner throughout the growing season. The breeders at Ball Horticultural Company have recently introduced a new series of Impatiens that we are so excited about and think you are going to love: Simply Beautiful Fusion™ series. Fusion Series Impatiens2- Garden Supply Co

Fusion Series Impatiens- Garden Supply CoSimply Beautiful Fusion™ Impatiens Series- Garden Supply Co.

The Fusion Impatiens series has the distinction of offering the first yellow Impatiens flowers. It has taken years to isolate the yellow strain from its wild parents, but the wait has been worth it. From their efforts creating ‘Glow’ came a whole series of exotic warm colors.

Fusion Series Impatiens2- Garden Supply CoSimply Beautiful Fusion™ Impatiens Series- Garden Supply Co.

The Fusion series still has the non-stop blooming power of traditional Impatiens, but the flowers are an interesting cup shape with a deeper colored center. The flowers are a little reminiscent of the orchid. Mature plants will reach 12 – 16″ in height and width.

Fusion Series Impatiens3- Garden Supply CoSimply Beautiful Fusion™ Impatiens Series- Garden Supply Co.

The Fusion series is as undemanding as common Impatiens, but since these annual flowers are going to bloom until frost, you’ll want to give them a rich, well drained soil to grow in.

For more planting tips and information on the new Simply Beautiful Fusion™ Impatiens Series, stop by the garden center. Our friendly experts are on-hand seven days a week to help with all your gardening needs.

Summer-Blooming Annuals Have Arrived

Add instant color and drama to beds, borders, and container gardens with summer-blooming annuals.

Geraniums-Mixed-Garden Supply CoMixed Geranium Pots-Garden Supply Co. Cary NC

Nothing adds impact to the garden quite as easily as annuals. These cost-effective powerhouses generally require very little care and will bloom profusely throughout the summer months, providing continuous color now through the first frosts of fall.

impatiensMixed Impatiens- Garden Supply Co. Cary NC

With new plant species, colors, and cultivars being developed every day, the gardening possibilities are endless. Annuals come in pretty much every color of the rainbow. There are two-toned, mono-chromatic, and multicolored variations. The only difficulty is choosing.

marigoldsMixed Marigolds- Garden Supply Co. Cary NC

But once you decide, we are ready for you. At Garden Supply Co, we have all your favorite summer-blooming annuals filling our shelves, from petunias and marigolds, to impatiens, New Guinea impatiens, geraniums, and coleus, just to name a few.

petuniasMixed Petunias- Garden Supply Co. Cary NC


We even have hanging baskets.

hanging basketsSummer-Blooming Annuals Hanging Baskets

In many styles, colors, and combos.

This spring and summer, come color your world at Garden Supply Co!


August Care for Annuals & Biennials

Cary, NC

Our Carolina summers sure can take a toll on the average homeowner’s yard and landscape. Although a few small signs of cooler days are starting to make an appearance, we still have a little more summertime weather to get through. If your annual and biennial planting beds and containers are looking a little worse for wear right about now, here’s a few gardening tips and tricks to keep them looking in top form during this last bit of summer heat and humidity.

Care For Your Annuals

Do not disturb the soil in your flower beds during these hot August days. Loosening the soil due to cultivation can damage those tender surface roots and increase water loss from the soil. You may notice that after you break up the soil around them, plants often look much worse. So just leave well enough alone for now.

Inspect the mulch in flower beds. If wind, rain, and natural decay have reduced its thickness to an inch or less, apply more mulch to raise the level to 2 to 3 inches between plants, but only about 1/2″ around the bases of the plants.

If your bedding plants look bedraggled, clear out the annuals that have finished blooming or are overgrown.


Check the soil in flower beds to determine if you need to water. Water deeply to wet the entire root zone of the plants.  Avoid wetting the leaves to reduce the risk of fungal diseases such as leaf spots and powdery mildew.

Container-grown flowers can dry out quickly, especially when located in full sun. Check the moisture level in pots daily and water when needed. Be sure to water long enough so that it runs out of the drainage holes. Keep in mind that porous clay pots will dry out more quickly than plastic or glazed pots. Also, small pots will dry out faster than large planters.

Check on the water needs of hanging pots and baskets daily. Wind and sun dry them much more quickly than plants in other kinds of containers.


If they haven’t been fertilized in over six weeks, leggy plants that have been cut back will benefit from a light feeding of fast-release fertilizer. Use a water soluble fertilizer such as 20-20-20, following label directions.

Pest Control

Be on the lookout for aphids and spider mites. You can remove these pests with a strong spray of water, or resort to a pesticide if their numbers are too high and damage is great. However, if these plants are going to be removed and replaced by cool-season annuals, spraying with a pesticide may be unnecessary. Simply remove and discard heavily infested plants instead.


Control weeds by hand-pulling and maintaining a shallow layer of mulch. Prevent weeds from going to seed by removing the flowers. Keeping the beds weed-free will prevent competition for water and nutrients, and will also remove overwintering sites for those nasty spider mites.

For more gardening advice and tips, ask the friendly experts at Garden Supply Co. They are on hand seven days a week with help for all your gardening questions. Hope to see you all soon!

Christmas Cash

It’s that time of year again. Time to start earning Christmas Cash at Garden Supply Company. From now through December 19th, receive a 5% rebate on all your garden center purchases in holiday Christmas Cash. Then spend your Cash like money the week before Christmas on any purchase, including sale items.

With all the gorgeous plants and holiday items we have this month, it’s easy to earn Christmas Cash. One great way to earn a few bucks is to stock up on any last bedding and container plantings you might want for the winter, including our fabulous selection of hardy pansies.

With all the bright and welcoming colors available , you will create a bold impact in your curb appeal with a bed or border of pansies in your home landscape. Pansies withstand our cold winter weather and even keep blooming through frost and light snow. Perfect for our North Carolina climate.

We’ve just received a new shipment of pansies in both flats and 4″ pots, offering you the freshest and best selection of plants for this last window of planting opportunity. We recommend wrapping up your lawn re-seeding and planting projects within the next two weeks for the best results. After that, it may be too late for your new seedlings and plants to establish strong root systems before the temperatures drop.

For any winter lawn care or plant questions, stop by the garden center and ask one of our knowledgeable staff. We’re here 7 days a week with friendly help and suggestions. And don’t forget to start earning your 5% Christmas Cash!