August Fescue Lawn Care- Brown Patch

Brown Patch Fungus (photo)

Ugghh, is it hot. And miserable. And right about now, your lawn is probably fairly stressed from the heat and humidity. If your lawn is anything like mine, then the weeds have taken over, and unsightly brown spots have sprouted up everywhere. But are those brown patches due to lack of water and heat, or something else?  Here’s a few tips that will help you decide, and how to proceed.

For those with fescue grass, now is the time to treat and prevent brown patch which appears as a browning area in the lawn typically in the summer months when conditions are favorable. Warm-season grasses (St. Augustinegrass, zoysiagrass, bermudagrass and centipedegrass) most commonly are affected by brown patch during the early spring and late fall. Brown patch is caused by a fungus, and if your lawn is showing signs, you will need to treat with a fungicide. We recommend that you apply Hi-Yield Lawn Fungicide to prevent brown patch.  Two applications may be necessary if rain has been heavy.

Brown Patch Fungus(photo)

While brown patch does cause patches of dead grass, other things can cause the same symptoms. If the area is poorly drained and water stands on a spot for more than 24 hours, the grass roots will rot, causing a dead patch. Also, in areas where the sod has rooted poorly, brown patches will develop as dry weather sets in. So what are the true symptoms of the disease? True brown patch spots are small to begin with but in warm weather they can enlarge rapidly. Seen from above, the patch will look like a doughnut – a ring of tan grass having a patch of green grass in the center. Individual grass blades will be brown down to the crown – where the blade emerges from the ground – but the crown will be green. Early in the morning during hot, damp weather you might see a white fungal web at the edge of the dead grass patch.

Never water in the evening. The best time to water is in early morning. Fescue is much more susceptible when it has lush, green growth plus warm nighttime temperatures.  The second step is to water at the right time. Since brown patch needs 14-16 hours of wet leaf surface to reproduce itself, water only after the dew has dried in the morning. An alternative is to water after nightfall. Since the grass is wet with dew anyway, watering in the dark does not unnecessarily extend the wet period.

So what if you have brown areas in your sod or planting beds due to poor rooting mixed with our hot summer temperatures? We have help for that, too.  Garden Supply owner, Keith Ramsey, recommends treating with Drought Defense by Soil Logic to reduce water consumption and enhance growth.

Drought Defense reduces the amount of water needed to irrigate lawns, groundcovers, trees, and other plants. This soil moisture management product helps prevent plant-available water from evaporating or draining past the root zone.  It is super-concentrated, long-lasting, helps lower watering bills and is safe for use on fruit and vegetable plants.  Drought Defense is environmentally friendly and is safe for use around children and pets.

This easy-to-use concentrate is ready to go.  Simply connect the sprayer to your hose and spray evenly over measured area.  Be sure to irrigate all treated areas after application to wash the product into the soil.  After two applications of the product, normal watering time and quantity can be reduced up to 50%!

Hope these tips help with your lawn care during these hot summer days. As always, our helpful experts are on hand seven days a week to answer all your lawn care and gardening questions.

Summer Gardening Tips- Those Pesky Weeds

Cary, NC

Gardening during the hot summer months can be challenging, to say the least. Soaring temperatures and high humidity often make even a brief trip out to the mailbox an unpleasant experience, let alone thinking about working out in the yard. Even though it’s still perfectly OK to be putting in new plants right now, providing you can be on hand with plenty of water to help them get established, planting may not be on your current to-do list. But if you can stand to spend a few minutes outdoors, either in the early mornings or late evenings, I have a few basic care tips for the summer months that will help keep your yard in tip-top shape.

Keep Those Weeds Under Control

Summer in our area seems to be the magic switch to bring on the weeds.  Sauna-like conditions brought on by heat and humidity, while wilting people and garden plants alike, tend to trigger rampant, tropical rainforest-type growth from those pesky weeds. Besides making your planting beds look bad, all those weeds actually have a detrimental effect on the rest of your plants by stealing much needed nutrients and water from the ground. And during hot and tough times like these, your plants don’t need the competition. So start pulling weeds out of the flower beds. If they get a foothold, weeds will be tough to control.  Pull them out by hand or lightly hoe them, and then suppress their emergence with a layer of mulch.

Prune those leggy annuals

With the approach of midsummer, many annuals may go into a slump and start to decline. Flowers may become sparse and the plants may look ragged. This condition is most likely due to high nighttime temperatures, and is a common problem with many plants. Trimming back your plants will keep them bushy and encourage the formation of new flowers. Remove spent blossoms on annual flowering plants as often as possible. This encourages further flowering rather than seed production.

Helpful Hint

Self-cleaning flowers save time and work in the garden by dropping dead blooms, thus requiring no trimming or deadheading. Among them are ageratum, cleome, gomphrena, impatiens, New Guinea impatiens, pentas, wax begonia, and narrowleaf zinnia.


Annual beds can use a boost right about now, especially where the soil is sandy or the season has been rainy. Apply slow-release fertilizer for maximum benefit with minimum effort. For a quick but brief response, water plants with a liquid fertilizer such as 20-20-20. Fertilize each plant to encourage root and stem growth. This should encourage your annuals to bloom until they are killed by freezing weather.


And lastly, if you’re going on vacation this month and will be leaving your garden for a week or more, make plans to have someone take care of your plants while you are away. To make things easier for the caregiver, group plants in containers together near a water source and out of the afternoon sun. Grouping them will help conserve water, and shade will help reduce the need for water.

Hope these tips help you maintain a beautiful and healthy garden this summer. Remember, our friendly experts are on hand seven days a week to answer all your gardening questions and needs. Have a great summer, and we hope to see you all soon down at Garden Supply Co!

4th of July Flair

Summer is in full swing, and in just a few short days the 4th of July will be here, marking our country’s 235th birthday. For many of us, that means barbecues and picnics, family gatherings, and fireworks.  A time of celebration for us all!

Here at Garden Supply Company, we have all your holiday home and garden decor needs covered. Whether you are hosting this year’s gathering and are looking for unique table accessories, patio lights, or small favors for the kids, or would simply like to add some festive charm to your home, we have the special pieces you are looking for.

For truly unique and beautiful patriotic decor, let Garden Supply Co. be your holiday headquarters. We’re here to make this 4th of July one to remember.

From all of us at Garden Supply Co, we wish you a very happy and safe 4th of July! Like you, we will be celebrating and spending the day with our families, so be sure to stock up on all your party supplies by Sunday, the 3rd. And then we’ll see you once again on Tuesday morning.

Happy Holiday!

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Signs of Summer

Hibiscus- Cary, NC

Take one or two steps out of doors these days, and the evidence is clear.  Temperatures are soaring, school is out for many, and vacation plans are in the air. And with all the gorgeous blossoms and blooms everywhere you look in the garden center, in every hot color of the tropics, there can be no confusion. Summer is here!

Just take a walk around the nursery, and you are sure to see your favorite summertime bloomers in their full glory. In the shrub department, the gardenias, viburnums, butterfly bush, spirea, and hydrangeas, just to name a few, are in their peak of beauty. The annual tables are resplendent in every color of the rainbow. And the perennials just can’t be missed.

Whatever says summer to you, from sunflowers and zinnias, to coneflowers and daylilies, we have a gorgeous selection to chose from. And we’re still receiving fresh shipments every week to ensure that we can offer the highest quality plants available.

Although summer’s heat has definitely kicked in, it’s still ok to keep planting annuals, perennials, trees and shrubs at this time. Just be sure to be on hand with plenty of water during the plants’ critical establishment period.

Summer never looked better! Stop by and let us help you get the summer garden of your dreams.

See you all soon!

And the Winner is….

Cary, NC

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